This book is dedicated to my parents, Col. Richard M. & Barbara J. Kelly, for always encouraging me to seek the truth, to my son Foster E. McMillan, Jr. & his wife Carrie whose wedding I missed while in Taipei finishing this epic, and my wonderful friend Vicki Tu-Yang for her gracious hospitality and room with a view, which helped make this epic a reality. Thanks also to my copy Editors, Margaret G. Bennison and Dick Johnson.

Special Thanks to my Incredibly Artistic Friends who kindly consented to be seen within the pages of my epic, Robert Venosa for my cover art Astral Circus; Gary Tonge for The Grand Universe; Saskia Praamsma Raevouri for the Family Tree of Races; and Stuart R. Kerr, III for The Finite Realm of the Mortal Mind, and of course all the other masters, including Bruegel, and Michelangelo.

Copyright © 1992-2024 Suzanne M. Kelly
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