Elán Vital, the Vital Life the
Cause of the UN-Caused Cause
Ushers forth the conceptual realms
of Is, Will-be and Was.

The Absolute, Great Spirit, First Source and Center,
Yahweh, Allah, God....
His many names have been spoken and entered
in the worldly theologues.

Yet no matter who calls Him we must understand
all life is from the same Creator
And regardless of the nescience of any man
He is the primal collaborator.

But finite mind will never comprehend
the monumental existence he experiences in man.

Or our "Father Fragment" a gift of Himself
bestowed in all of His children
To guide us to "Heaven" if we choose
to immortality from spiritual pilgrims.

For the recognition of the Infinite by the finite mind
is a philosophical marvel of the "faith grasp" kind
Though His total comprehension is purely based
on individual capacity to pursue His place.

So stop for a moment and try to see
all beings and things are forms of Energy
This fact of science cannot be denied
the more perspicacity acquired we'll recognize.

It all started somewhere, but was not quirk or mistake
for He not only evinced all, in all He partakes.
Yet this unfathomable mystery, the phenomena of God
indwelling the minds of men
Is most profound in the mortal façade
when you actually seek Him.

In every being, inherent of mind
is a fragment of God, for all to find
That is the "Image" from which we are cast
not in physical likeness, for physiology is vast.

So as ignorance dies we will all recognize
we are brothers regardless of color
And when we all work together suffering will end
for compassion is Peace's ultimate mother.

As God in His glory created man with ears
it is quite certain, He can also hear
So listen acutely, and as he speaks you'll be surprised
when you also observe God looking through your eyes.

For His mortal abode in each man is the part
where love deeply rests, the temple of heart
So look not outward for his Majestic Grace
but in the hearts of His children, recognize His face

Then once you acknowledge He abides in you
others will detect, He's part of them too.


Cal Feldman Self Distribution of the First Source and Center

Now, what I'll attempt to relay may boggle your mind
or if you are fortunate, stop the hands of time
For as God descended in every form
millions of worlds for Ascension were born.

And man must accept his energy summation
is seven levels away from infinite consummation

For energy expands and expansion is law
where intelligence will quicken eliminating flaws
Only that energy which is pure, survives
and freewill is the catalyst that exhumes or defies.

For in the beginning of the endless past
the First Father inaugurated a policy
To dissociate His infinite will
from the limitation of primacy.

In His selfless and loving nature, our Creator's elocution
Witnessed the inevitable profound self-distribution.
And from personality absolutism He allowed His escape
Through the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit the Trinity embrace.

Three original, co-ordinate, co-existent personalities
God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit, in formality
This threefold personality postulates multiple completeness
of volitional liberation in Deity repleteness.

All parts of Himself that could be divested
He bestowed to creators and creatures
He gave all attributes, every way, every place
every age in every universe feature.

And as mortals may ascend to His spiritual homes
there are beings that create and facilitate those abodes
They who conceived us and guide us above
the perfection of creativity and proliferating love.
For as universe foundation is material,
the essence of life is Spirit, Ethereal
Matter and energy are diverse, yet the same
both are inherent in the Absolutes frame.

And as our scientists discover a new energy pattern
physicists will be close to the mystery of matter
But try as they must, they will never impart
the flash of life, the Spirit of heart

For life is the prerogative of the Universal Father
and the Son's of His First Son created our brothers.
So succession expands, involution disguised
as energy proceeds in a circular guise

And as the Power Directors form energy to matter
material worlds are born
Eternal vibrations will ever respond
to their embracing infinite form.

Here, the paucity of language cannot convey
the tri-concentric zones
That meld the 7 energy forces
of all that is seen and known.

Absoluta; space potency, unquestioning free space presence
of the Unqualified Absolute
Is out of our grasp and responsive only
to the nether side of truth.

Segregata; primordial forces activated next
is responsive resistance from force masterís effects.

Ultimata; emergent, puissant, gravitational collectively
one prepares the other for sublime subjectivity.

Gravita; the source of universal power which the Sevenfold manipulates
the organizational habitats where time space equates.

Triata; expands as we traverse inward
triunity pervades its source
Evolutionary cycles seemingly turn on themselves
energy power to force.

Transota; is absolute, out of our realm
in paradise only is this transcendental helm

Monota; the ultimate living energy matter
the nature and spirit of the Paradise Father.

Although they are listed, comprehension is minimal
not unlike Divinity, Infinitesimal.

Though science will eventually understand
the ten divisions of matter
Even in division, separation will blend
to form the expanse of the latter;

Ultimatonic; the electrons mother
Subelectronic; solar supergasses brother

Electronic matter; material differentiation,
Precedes - Subatomic; of our suns affirmation

Shattered atoms; cooling suns in space,
Are followed by - Ionized; matter x-rayed

Atomic matter; in chemical stage
Paves the way of the - Stable; molecular phase

Radioactive; spawns matter dis-organized
and at last is - Collapsed; as a great sun dies.

So light, heat, electricity
magnetism, chemism, energy
They form the basis of past, present, future
as the core of existential aperture.

Galaxy, Super Nova picture

And try as we will in sciences depth
we will never dissect the Life in God's breath
For the salient magnitude of God's creative force
far surpasses man's ability of source.

Imagination cannot even grasp
the grandeur of exaction
And the perfection of both action and might
to the tiniest fraction.

For if mass of matter magnifies
an electron to 1/10th of an ounce
The volume thus intensified
would hold the earth in its house.

And if its heavier proton fit the head of a pin
Its circumference would encompass earth's orbital spin.

So minuscule man must accept
the Omnipotence of Source
And understand he is but one tiny speck
in the multitudinous energy force.

For as atoms contain electrons of 100
they segregate as they spin
In the center are 30, observed as one
then 30 more their next of kin

30 others form the 3rd energy zone
held in a definite orbit
10 remain as a dignified lot
and mother nucleus allows them to exit.

And as atoms proceed the first 27
we are able to comprehend
But in 26 more predictability wanes
and the Unqualified Absolute extends.

For atoms are likened to persons
predictability in groups
But statistics tend to lose their grip
when one is on the loose.

So the positive of pro's and the negative of neut's
become cohesive from the Meso's
And to and fro they are bandied about
both held in check by this pathos.

And atomic cohesion, its parody
lies in wait as scientists will see
As mesotrons ride the rays of space
microcosmic discovery paints infinity's face.

Yet in all these embroiling forces we find
the separate consummation of undecipherable mind
For mind in its ability to conceive
creates, designs, sends and receives.

In universal mechanisms, mind abounds
and its total observations
Are held in scope by the ability of
the capacity of investigation.

The evolution of mechanisms indicates and implies
concealed presence, dominance of creative mind
And as mortal intellect devises and creates
man's intelligence progresses to spiritual states.

For spirit is the architect, the builder, the mind,
the body ,the edifice, where these two reside.

And spirit awakens imaginative reality
reflecting parts of time-space totality
For in mortal man, his mind is the key
of freewill submission to a spiritual lead.

And spirit acquiesces to whence it came
in choice, personality ascends to its infinite name.

The preceding is but the inception of
purposive existential summation
For naught was conceived by accident or chance
in the parley of Divine procreation.

So Omniscience continues, precise yin and yang
quite the opposite of our scientists "big bang"
And the confusion in astronomy of our galaxy's expansion
is a simple explanation of spiritual dimension.

Seven super-universes are contained in the plan
from the stationary center to the 7 elliptical bands.

In our 7th Universe's first outer space dimension,
patterned motion begins
And the counter clockwise gyration
makes this level spin.

The second outer level of Divinity descending
in clockwise motion is bending.

Then out to the third, you guessed its reversed
its counter-clockwise motion is completely rehearsed.

And in observation from our planet station
the viewed expansion of our astronomist's thinking
Is the spatial orbits in their patterned repose
which in 150,000 billion years, will appear to be shrinking.

For pattern is found even in space dimension
all according to the celestial plan
From the organized rotation of the spiritual realms
to the orbital habitat of man.

The Master Universe
By John Byron


I must now interject, only ignorance assumes
we are the only ones
That exist in spite of our egotistical faults
in the light of 10 billion suns.

Now the question may be posed, if this earth is but one
of the many spheres, where the mortal race is run?
How many more worlds of human life
exist in our galaxy in or out of our strife?

The answer in proximity, of mortal spheres in tact
that revolve in this system, 619 planets to be exact.
Configuration varies, in many bi-pedal forms
but in the love of Divinity, we are all adorned.

Yet the complete number for evolutionary creation
total 1000 planets in each system of nations.
But the grandeur protracts to a grander scale
For 100 systems in each constellation are hailed.

Our local universe a speck in the Milky Way
Holds 100 constellations in its spatial array
And 100 locals form a minor sector
to find 100 minors in a major conjecture.

With 10 of the majors, as the rhymes in this verse
contained in the orbit of this Grand Universe.

Each Grand Universe, seven their number
is the dimensional traversement of God the Sevenfold's wonder.

And the many "lives" to which we each adhere
are experienced as SELF and begins right here
For energy expands, frequency purifies
and man ascends through each level, as his purity complies.

And our "past life" confusion has elemental basis
as pattern repeats energy "frequency" in 27 stages
So heredity follows and in each being is stored
an ancestral shadow of "energy lore"

And although it may seem we lived their lives too
in reality they have only loaned us their shoes.
In its energy recognition our psychics see
the vibrational lives of our ancestral tree

And the quest of our frequency is to harmonize
the perfect tone of Divinity in our physical lives.

And this tone will be played again and again
with freewill personality, on the bridge of infusion
Utilizing all past symphonic blends
tuning intelligent goodness, in its inclusion.

Now you might ask, what of effect and cause
of karmic retribution and its circular laws?
As it was written, what you sow, you reap
all action of your frequency is yours to keep.

For energy absorption is the law of expansion
as thought, word and deed, build the walls of soul mansions
And these mansions aren't found on this visible sphere
570 Morontial schools help them appear.

For with each test of this life, we gain spiritual material
that manifests the reality of life ethereal
So again in redundancy I must emphasize choice
as freewill is the speaker of our infinite voice.

So in the law of expanded reality
you must clearly understand
Only that which is pure withstands immortality
what is not, is consumed by its plan.

If by choice you choose sin, hate and greed
you choose not to plant your eternal seed
And that seed unplanted will never grow
and personality annihilation, by your will is foretold.

For "death" beyond its confusion, is but a door
to the beginning of life and all that's in store.
Just imagine, if you can, no fear
and spiritual evolution is incessantly clear.

Fear, was the possession of primitive lands
it should have been eradicated by intelligent man.

But man's enlightenment, was retarded by power
only his stupidity reigns supreme
As he betrays his soul, for the possession of might
and control of his visible means.

Yet beyond this earth, no fear will unravel
just compassion and love test the levels we travel
And Morontial existence continues the plan
each being half spiritual, the other half man.

But to clearly understand the vastness of
Omnipotent proliferation
As we reckon time, will take millions of years
and a millennia of deliberation.


The Stationary Sons of Trinity
By Cal Feldman

Now, I'll attempt, to give you a glimpse
of the ethereal indoctrinating committee
But my paltry portrait will never disclose
the beauty in its actuality.

Administrative groups form this Divine corporation
it is the law of the plan
In every being, purpose permeates
each member of this dutiful scan.

In order of descent from the Heavenly Father,
first Son and Infinite Spirit
In three groups we find, seven of each kind
to minister the Grand Universe circuit.

The Stationery Sons, though in ten divisions
are the Executives of Administration
Their numbers would astound the finite mind
as well as their designations combined.

The second class of Trinity Origin personality
govern the administration of all infinity.

Then one step outward dual-origin equates
with Divine concepts of two Divine states.

And though their number is in billions
some never increase;
While the boundaries of their proliferating influence
expands and will never decrease.

Outward still are the Paradise Sons,
where our Infinite Creator, with this class stands among
The Sons of The First Son and His Infinite Father
designed our worlds and our mortal brothers.
And these Creator Sons, like Jesus, known as "Michael's"
rule their universes of equal cycles.

The Magisterial Sons are the next in line
the Father, Spirit concept, in this order is combined.
The Trinity Teachers in the third level of sons
from the Father, Son, Spirit, this order comes.

The Avonals and Daynals, second and third respectively
are indispensable associates for the Michael's creativity.
And these three orders compromise
the Descending "Sons" of Paradise.

The remaining four descending groups
are imperative in Spiritualization of the ascending troops

These local universe Sons of God,
in the following order
Melchizedek, Vorondadek, Lanondadek are three
the fourth, Life Carriers, or transporters.

For life does not originate spontaneously
it's constructed by formulated plans
By the Master Architects of Being
then passed to the Life Carriers capable hands.

This almost completes the descending scheme
of the Creator managerial portal
And soon will begin the ascending lot
of Angels, Midwayers and Mortals.

But as in every family, there is an Infinite Mother
a Creative Spirit to procreate with our Father
And without such a Daughter, there is no blending of reality
to beget children of time, our lives in formality.

"The Universe Mother Spirit"
by Jeff Hayworth

Upon the proclamation of our Universal Sovereign
that His universe will now sustain Life
From the Third Source and Center a Divine Minister appears
She is delivered in a flash of light.

And Her Divine mission, in Her infinite space
is as our loving Mother, of spiritual embrace.

The Creator Son and the Creative Daughters'
first concept is unique
And the Bright and Morning Star awakens to life
it is Gabriel of whom I speak.

As their right hand, control Gabriel is given
of the Celestial Hosts, the armies of heaven
And this executive administrator of our Universe of Nebadon
also acts as liaison to our Super Universe of Orvonton.

It is here I must mention our Paradise Ambassador
the older brother our Creator knows well
This distinguished Being our prophets have known
I speak of Emmanuel.

In His sublime dignity and superb condescension
He refuses worship from all of creation
His council is given only on request
of our Infinite Paradise Father's behest.

Upon our Creator Son's leave of absence
Gabriel assumes his administrative presence
All decisions on universe affairs are conferred with Emmanuel
before results are prepared.

The second concept of our Paradise Duo
is also the head of His own sect
It is here I refer to the all-knowing left hand
the Father Melchizedek.

Melchizedek Banner
By John Byron - Urantia CD

Together, Melchizedek, Paradise Father and Mother
create the order of the Melchizedek Brothers

These Sons are mid-point
in the great personality descent
and are natural intermediaries
to the lowest creatures of will endowment.

As the Angels delight in their association
so will man, through his Spiritual Ascension

These beautiful Sons are understanding friends
and sympathetic teachers, on whom our counseling depends.

In their Order self government reaches perfection
all above and below, praise their dedication
Upon this earth Machiventa Melchizedek once came
the "Prince of Salem" was his ancient name.

It was Abraham's time, when spiritual darkness prevailed
and his ministration of truth, to Abraham He assailed

In His teachings, the roots of Judaism sprouted
but when over grown with the weeds of tradition
Were passed along, by others who touted
ritual smothers spiritual submission.

In this verse I'll continually repeat,
all creature personality
will find immortality
by following the spiritual lead.

If in this world you refuse to learn
the unity of all our brothers
Education continues as a Melchizedek concern
for the mortals of our realm and of others.

After creation of the Melchizedek
and all the unrevealed personal aids
The second great order, the Vorondadek,
or Constellation Fathers come of age.

Of this order, in each Constellation,
only one resides as the Government Head,
Their number is stable, one million abound
no more will come in their stead.

Their expert versatility as administrative ambassadors
can rule in the face of rebellion
Their unquestioned authority in upheaval reversal
assigns them the perfect historians.

Three are then chosen by our Paradise Sovereign
to rule our 100 Constellations
Gabriel commissions these three "Most Highs"
to govern the 100 systems of our Universe Nation.

The third order appearing, the Lanondadek Sons
also known as the System Sovereigns,
Being later and lower as concerns Divinity
there's fortuity in instigation of problems.

And such was the case on our lowly sphere
back in the annals of time
When our Sovereign rebelled, into darkness we fell
as Lucifer endorsed sin in his mind.

But very rare, does this error occur,
with these brilliant beings, administratively unsurpassed
For the Planetary Princes, the heads of each world
are most qualified for their task.

The Ancients of Days by William Blake

The last in line of the Sons Divine
are really quite unique
As it is their duty of constructing life
the Life Carriers are of whom I speak.

The Paradise Son and Divine Minister Daughter here,
had help from an Ancients of Days
In forming this concept so critical to all
the transportation of life's primal phase.

For they're a million formulas that constitute
life's pattern and variation
The Life Carriers and their Technical Assistants
capture this energy for manipulation.

And these building blocks, material vehicles,
the so-called active germ plasm
Electro-chemists and Physicists round them up
with grand enthusiasm.

And with one world in ten a variance is allowed
more or less experimentation
Earth happens to belong to a project of divine science
where variation equates our summation.

So life, will never spontaneously appear
its process is painstakingly constructed
Its supervision and deliverance Life Carrier Sons clear
and all are unobstructed.

Although life comes through them, it is not by them
for the Daughter of the Infinite Spirit
Activates the spark in the physical heart
of the presaged mind of plasm.

Upon a new world a Planetary Corps,
are allowed one and one half million years
To establish life forms, and envision their future
and to this schedule of time they adhere.

Then up until the emergence of "human" life
creatures of moral standing
Their artistry enhances biologic evolution
and directionalization is theirs for handling.

But the moment freewill opens its eyes
to moral decision and spiritual choice
Their work is finished, they must only watch
in our history they have no voice.

Another point to be clarified
regarding purposive existential evolution
Is the point of Mind and its seven Adjutants
the forbearers of solution.

These Mind Spirits condition organic course
they're children of the Universe Mother Spirits Source.

Their names; Understanding, Courage, Intuition,
Knowledge, Council, Worship and Wisdom
In actuality, Intuition, will arrive first
I rearranged their order, for the rhyme in this verse.

But their influence resounds to all inhabited worlds
as a differential urge
Each seeking receptivity capacity
for the fullness of their surge.

The first five can be measured in quantity
but only Worship and Wisdom are reflected in quality.

The Adjutant Mind Sprits
By Cal Feldman

And I will briefly explain the gist of each one
even though they may speak for themselves,
We tend to forget the resounding depth
that each one can foretell.

Intuition is the first, quick perception
primitive instinct, reflex deduction
In man and animal this Spirit you find
acquiesces to even un-teachable mind.

Understanding is next, impulse co-ordination
spontaneous and automatic association
It's rewarded with reasoning as it is acquired
and speaks with the prompt decision required.

Courage is third, fidelity endowment,
the basis of, character acquirement
Rooted in the intellect of moral stamina
and spirit bravery, when you seek to find it.

When enlightened by fact and inspired by truth
it's the desideration of evolutionary ascension
By channeling intelligence it will always lead
to conscious self-expansion.

The fourth is Knowledge, curiosity's mother
in adventure, discovery and science
It's the faithful associate of Council and Courage
following the path of growth in compliance.

The Spirit of Council is number five,
the social urge of cooperation
Allowing all creatures to harmonize
in its gregarious affirmation.

The Breath of Life by Melchoir Broderlam

The sixth being Worship, the religious impulse
will separate creature relation
And without its presence, there is no badge
to award our Spiritual Ascension.

The seventh Adjutant Spirit is Wisdom,
the articulator of all the others
The inherent tendency of moral progression
obtained in the love of one's brothers.

Coordinating past experience and present opportunity
in its application of the previous six
It is the intellectual acme of mental performance
and the goal of infinite existence.

Life force is duality, mechanistic, vitalistic
simply material and spiritual
And understand as we may, we will never duplicate
living organisms of the filial.

Life springs from life, and mind must be derived
from its pre-existing source
With the Ancestor of Spirit, in its consummate rife
our Father engages the force.

So, from the Father, Through the Son,
by the Spirit we arrive
Not even hierarchy, of Divine corporate structure
can dissect the "Breath of Life.Ē


The Archangel Michael by Hans Memling 1430 circa

Speaking of Hierarchy, most are not revealed
in this grouping of Universal Aids
But seven I'll list and slightly
explain in this Angelic cavalcade.

The Chief Executive, of the Angles to be
is the Bright & Morning Star Gabriel, discussed previously
But the growth of our Universe, as with any corporation,
requires able executives to sustain its volitional creations.

Where follow the Brilliant Evening Stars,
a co-created Melchizedek concept
They are the proficient Liaison Officers
for Gabriel's administrative sect.

Next are the Champions of mortal protection
the Archangels, of human affection
And on this lowly sphere, their headquarters stand
but mortal vision, will not pierce their land.

The Most High assistants, the regal volunteers
are enlightened individuals from the Paradise Spheres
Namely, Perfectors of Wisdom, Divine Counselors and Censors
Supernaphim, Tertiaphim and other gracious ministers.

Their voluntary sojourn on this temporal reality
is to help bring into harmony, all native personality.

The High Commissioners it will interest you to know
are Spirit fused mortals from ages ago
Though, Father indwelt, like me and you
with this spark of God, they could never be fused.

For only when the Son of God, the Son of man
Jesus of Nazareth came
Did he bring with Him, this "River of Life"
for all men to be equal in name.
And Adjuster fusion, the ultimate mortal aspire
when obtained on this earth, reveals chariots of fire.

The Celestial Overseers, our peer professors
in the universities of spirit, we are their successors
For as we learn, we teach, but don't be dismayed
the enthralling curriculum, holds no school daze.

Cherubim and Sanobim are the Mansion world teachers
these Lieutenants of our Guardian Seraphim
Are future Morontial academy preachers
for the congregation of our immortal pseudonym.

But Morontial life aspect is similar to
all schools of learning, for we're just passing through.
But its permanent citizens do abound
the Susatia and Univitia in this group are found.

The Material Sons & Daughters, you'll find hard to believe
are the origin of our original Adam & Eve
They are the final concept of our Creator Son
confirming His original dual origin.

These Sons and Daughters, in and of Himself come to be
the Seventh race on our planet, but six supersede
The discussion of these races will shortly appear
but from the first "man" to Adam, took 995,000 years.

And relatively speaking, regarding time
the appearance of Adam and Eve
Could be correlated, to our date form of
35,914 BC.

As I'm just nearing physical earthly explanation
several pages intervene before this summation.

Of the permanent citizens of our local universe
the last are the Midway Creatures
Midway between man and the Material Son, Adam
classifies their name and their features.

From the early days of Planetary time
to its settling of Light and Life
These custodians of the planet are continuously consigned
to the administration of all in our sight.

Although you and I are the citizens of Earth
we tarry here but a short time
Midway Creatures are forever entrusted
to Administer all in this temporal clime.

Thus completes a minuscule description
of the multitudinous Descending Sons
Next in line are the probable realities
of all the ascending ones.


This category pertains to all mortal existence
from this world and millions of others
And one glance upon a midnight sky
reveals these spheres of our distant brothers.

In fact some are watching very closely to see
when spiritual intelligence, will conquer materialistic stupidity.
For upon their worlds they work together
to understand the energy nature, of our Spiritual Father

And this cooperation in enlightenment and quest for knowledge,
advanced their technology
To and incredible point where they can observe
our low life of debauchery and material greed.

But, there is hope for our realm, for in the law of expansion,
the mandate never wanes
And soon our intelligence will direct our desires
away from our self-serving aims.

For when we are but an innocent child
and we choose our very first right
There will come to indwell, in our temple of heart
the fragment of God's personal sight.

This Mystery Monitor, a spark of Himself
silently guides us through life
And our freewill determines its weakness or strength
as we choose to follow wrong or right.

Only through our conscious choice
will immortality plant its seed
We alone must find God in the core of our being
in order for growth to proceed.

Regardless of environment and mitigating circumstance
the most ignorant know right from wrong
When wrong continuously pervades happenstance
you deprive your soul its immortal song.

For the mortal mind and the indwelling spirit
are the Father of a new reality
And doing the will of God in heaven
gives birth, to this "Soul" of immortality.

Soul is the keeper, of your gift of personality
the vehicle that carries you to an eternal reality
Your personality is neither spirit, body nor mind
it is the gift from God in which Morontia soul must abide.

And Morontia designates life's intervening levels
its warp is spiritual, its woof physical.

I've endeavored to make it perfectly clear
we all carry the presence of God
And we must choose to be like Him, desire to find Him
to enjoin the Divine esculade.

To reiterate further, would instigate lecture
and I'm sure you've gotten the gist
That you are the creator, you can save or destroy
"Personality" God's greatest gift.

But fear not the dangers of human forgetfulness
or moral inconsistencies,
Do not be troubled by failure or doubt
or confusing perplexities.

For at all crossroads in the forward struggle
in the dark of night or light of day
The Spirit of Truth will always speak
silently saying "this is the way".

Delight by Heronious Bosch

Now it is time, to try to explain how,
when and where man came to earth
And if what you've just read, isn't spinning your head
wait till you read the next verse.

I mentioned before this earth is an exception
a veritable science project
The Life Carriers didn't bring pre-set formulas
they used matter on this earth as their subject.

All life was formulated on this orbital helm
and deposited in the hospitable waters of the realm.
Then 450 million evolutionary years later
a placental mammal became the perfect accommodator.

A Lemur, not quite what you see today
was the basis for humanity on this evolving stage.

I have just spared you at least in this epic
the discourse on matter evolution
And I'm jumping right in where Darwin left off
the beginning of involution.

As far as finding the missing link
in our heredity, it does not exist
For the upgrade was instantaneous and occurred two times
and man from the second did exist.

In a certain tribe of Lemurs a set of twins were born
with half the fur and a slightly different form
They were taller too, and quite a bit smarter
and were very proficient at building shelter

They mated and formed a superior tribe
and with superiority, inferiority must always step aside.

Several thousand years later in this mid-mammal tribe
came another set of twins,
And the primates ensued, not quite me and you,
but certainly our next of kin.

These primate children had longer legs, shorter arms,
and their thumbs were perfectly opposable
They were upright walkers, with still less hair
and their intelligence was comparatively formidable.

By the time they were ten, they could communicate
with crude language and the signing of hands
And they tried to teach the rest of their tribe
but none could understand.

These reasoning twins soon departed
to explore the neighboring lands
Constantly learning and advancing their thought
by utilizing their perfectly formed hands.

But most important was their grasp of emotion
gratitude, envy and love
And the ignorance and fear of primitive religion
while they pondered the heavens above.

As they questioned, Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits descended
and the Life Carriers vigil began
And progress was now in the possession
of the evolving first woman and man.

As Andon and Fonta found their spiritual soul
they found the true destiny of life as a whole.

This male and female then became mother and father
to a larger organized tribe
The abodes they found, were all on the ground
and their generations began to thrive.

Andonite Migration Map
By Lenny Cowles

Andon was the first to cultivate fire
as he was chipping from flint, a weapon
And this discovery secured their supremacy
in all that would eventually happen.

The Andonic race of aborigines flourished
for thirty generations
But soon rivalry appeared, and the clans dispersed
segregating family relations.

From Mesopotamia, they spread westward to France
where they lived on the banks of the Somme river
And today by chance their evidence remains
for the finding of our archaeological endeavors.

The Andonite leader, Onagar by name,
was the first to find God recognition
And to all he proclaimed the Supreme Breath Giver
was deserved of worshipful tradition.

And if we dated, this very first priest
chronologically speaking itís 985,263 BC.

The geological formation of the earth at that time
allowed their mass migration
To the "Foxhall Man" of English clime
and the "Java Man's" visitation.

As the glaciers receded to the north they would go
evolving eventually the ancestor Eskimo

And in Northern India, in the Siwilak Hills
are found remains of "Badonan Man"
The superior forerunner to the tribe we know
as progenitor of Neanderthal Man.

Indians Hunting Buffalo by Charles M. Russell 1894
Sid Richardson Collection

And again I will spare you at least 20 pages
that would ensue, if I explained the ice ages.
So now jumping forward to pigmented fact
I'll attempt to describe how the 6 races were begat.

Somewhere around 500,000 BC
an anomalous incident occurred
In the northwestern highlands of India
the Sangik family appeared.

The most intelligent descendants of the Andonite clan
were about to give birth to the colors of man
From one man and woman came 19 offspring
whose skin in sunlight, did a very strange thing.

The first five turned red, then two orange and four yellow
Followed by two green, four blue and two indigo.

And when full grown and mated in their offspring was apparent
The dominating color from the pigmented parent.
And with this fact alone there is needed no other
to prove that all humans, are sisters and brothers.

Though in a normal evolutionary clime
they are usually dispersed and over periods of time
Yet the color arrangement stays the same
it is the law of pigmentation and its mandate remains.

But this experimental planet has no normal origins
so why should it normalize color disbursement of skin.

The oldest, the Red man, grew quite adept
in their governing castes, with monogamous precepts
But their governed tribes to some extent
were oftentimes torn in disagreement.

And their greatest invention of ages ago
was the design and usage of the arrow and bow.
But from their tendency to argue they were driven out by the others
Pushed by their younger more peaceful yellow brothers.
Across the Bearing Land Bridge before it descended
into the Americas, the Red man ascended
And there they multiplied, but their warring nature
separated the clans of their roaming culture.

Yet, a great Chief among them brought some peace to their nations
as he began to spiritually define,
The created unity in their family relations
and their glorious bloodline.

The "Great Spirit" was the name of the Red man's Father
He was the bringer of hope, to all Red man brothers
This aged Chief, Onamonalonton, was 96 when he died
his direct descendants are of the Blackfoot tribe.

Races Poster by Saskia Raevouri

I must stop for a moment in this racial excavation,
for it was about this time we obtained spiritual administration.

On all evolutionary worlds, the Planetary Prince
will establish educational centers
Directing and teaching primitive man
in civilization and agricultural endeavors.

So our divine worldly sovereign, now took control
and for a while all ran smoothly, till his hubris took hold
Then our System Sovereign, Lucifer by name
became self deluded and went arrogantly insane.

Yet it took thousands of years for his ego to root
and destroy our progressing civilization
when rebellion appeared, mankind lost his truth
and arrogance remains an actualization.

Pyramid picture

In the continuance of the races, the second were Orange
and building was their primal desire
Being involved with organized pilings of stone
they kept piling them higher and higher.

A few of their delegates to the "Prince's" school went
superior architectural design, was their main intent
Then south they migrated, toward African lands
settling mostly where the Nile valley expands.

And their spiritual leader Porshunta by name
tried valiantly to instill "One God", even when their end came
For the Green man approached, to crush their homes and sons
destroying their capital city of Armageddon.

The Yellow man was the first, to give up the chase
Developing communities and agriculture in one central place.
Singlanton was their leader spiritually
as he proclaimed the "One Truth" for all to believe

And they fostered fraternity, living together in peace
which allowed their numbers to continually increase.

Then three, grand Green divisions proceeded
those that went north were subdued
And enslaved by the more erudite races
of the peaceful Yellow and intelligent Blue.

Those that went east, were absorbed in India's races
today many are seen in its modern faces.
Then to Egypt and Africa the third group invaded
the Orange man's lands, which was a fore stated.

Thus the Green men were weakened, from the extensive migration
of their many clans in different directions.
Fantad, their spiritual leader tried
but couldn't hold together, the disagreeing tribe
And these giants of men nearly 8' in height
were scattered in groups, far and wide.
But in their continuous warring they were also depleted
making them subservient to the Indigo, as they seceded.

The Blue men of Europe had spirituality and intelligence
and were the first to discover art and its rudiments.
Orlandof was their teacher, of the "One God" of worship
Which was easily acceptable, of their thinking and sentiment.

But being closest to the dwellings of the Planetary Prince
They suffered the most from the rebellion in a cultural sense.
Yet they also reaped the most from the coming Violet race
which rehabilitated some of their surviving grace.

The Indigo race was the last to migrate
conquering Africa they descended into many tribal states
And from their remote isolation, they only received
a hint of the Violet super plasma from the Adamic seed.

But Orvonon, a wise man of superior thought
induced a spiritual awakening, and to his people taught
that the God of Gods was their Creator of life
which promoted continuity of worshipful insight.

Through slavery trade in the last 500 years
their people have been sadly dispersed
With most surviving aboriginal tribes
Holding tight to the land of their birth.

Their political advancement still lingers, as does their oppression
And the Red man understands this well too,
We must all work together to aid progression
and the spiritual technology of mankind will come due.

Sangik Migration by Lenny Cowles

In this compendium, all of the races
were extraordinarily tested, in the rigorous ice ages.

Yet for thousands of years they existed together
so antipathy was not peculiar.
And as the ice retreated, so did each color
with two new groups admixed, to form separate orders

The combined Orange and Blue were inclined to go
to the South American lands and Mexico.
A combination of Yellow and Red
forsook land travel and took the sea route instead

And these are the brown men spread hither and yon
inhabiting the islands they happened upon.

As this Sangik migration comes to a close
the Green and Orange races are gone
The Red men hold America,
and the Yellow is in Asia anon.

The Blue men are of Europe, and in Africa the Indigo
while in India many combinations had flowed
In Egypt many modified inhabitants were seen
of Indigo/Blue and Indigo/Orange/Green.

An amalgamated race of superior potentiality
to the South American highlands, went subsequently

The purer Andonites to Iceland and Greenland went forth
and to some extreme regions of the American North.
And thus we spread and our colors unfurled
to every vast corner of this tiny world.


Throughout this saga I've made mention
of the planetary rebellion, of our System Sovereign
And this unfortunate upheaval, took its worst toll on man
as spiritual and social darkness fell upon the lands.

From the time of the arrival, of our Planetary Prince,
the Administrator, of our System Sovereign
Humanity advanced for 300,000 years
until the sinful sedetional problem.

But as freewill is ordained in all structures of life
in every level there is possible strife
And hubris begot this ancient problem
controlling the freewill of our System Sovereign.

For even in Descending Divinity
freewill mandates reign supreme
And ego confusion, can cloud the way
of Divine Sonship and their dreams.

Such was the case of our lowly sphere
a millennia ago
When one in authority condescended his place
and showed primitive man his fallacious road.

The knowledge of energy power was consumed
and fate of man, from its early possession, was doomed
Then this world fell prey to corporate ego
the effect of dissension, from our Sovereign trio.

As Lucifer our Sovereign, spawned his nefarious plan
his lieutenant Satan, wielded the destructive hand
And the Angels and guardians of Prince Calagastia's regime
metamorphosed a nightmare from a Paradise dream.

Fall of the Damned - Dirk Bouts

For superior knowledge, must be tempered with spirit
if progression is the plan
And power must be wrought with love
to continue the advancement of man.

But deluded Lucifer assumed his plan was the best
to upstep evolution, in avoiding life's tests
So omnipotence in primitive man was unfurled
and in their distorted greed, they destroyed this world.

And our egotistical sovereign in his proclamation of self
had the blasphemous audacity
To assume to usurp, the Omniscience of God
to his own authority.

So, Satan and Calagastia displaced evolution,
with Lucifer's order of revolution
The revelation of cultural advancement
racial improvement through Divine enhancement.

And of the Midwayers and Angels, the revolt took the most
Beelzebub was the leader of this fallen host.
Then the premature misalignment, of personal liberty shown them
fraught primitive man with pandemonium

And soon the staff of sedition, were engaged in defense
against the hordes of savages, from sweet liberty's parlance.

Their immediate reconstruction of human society
had swiftly and definitely failed
And the now mortal "Rulers" of our Earth quickly fled
as their city of splendor was assailed.


Though most of the executive Divinity fell,
there were those who defied supposition
Steadfastly holding, to the Heavenly Father's rights
of progressive evolution.

Van was the leader of this courageous band
and to the highlands they early withdrew
There they were safe from the attacking hoards
and continued fostering and advancing spiritual truth.

But the civilization of beauty, which had begun to expand
to the then centralized group of the colors of man
Began to crumble as each tribe sought
to capture the power which the Gods had brought.

And the fabled Atlantis, sank from grace
evolution fell backward and dis-ease took its place
For without acquiring spiritual peace
poor man thought possessions, made his suffering ease.

And as he sought to control his brother
destruction reigned upon his earth mother.
And as myth throughout history, tells of "gods" among men
if you've paid close attention, you will now comprehend.

For even Divinity has corporate structure,
each being begot with a plan
And I'll continue to relate why these levels exist
and why at the bottom stands man.


First, regarding man and his liberty,
it can be true and false as well
But when proclaimed in arrogance, by men of power
itís served only to themselves.

True liberty is regardful of social equity
and continually espouses, understanding fraternity
Its fairness is cosmic, its obligation Divine
it is the possession of all, its yours and mine.

But, unbridled self will, and self expression unregulated
equals unmitigated selfishness, ungodliness eventuated
Self motivated liberty is illusion in conception
an affront to humanity, a cruel deception.

Masquerading license, in liberties garments
is the forerunner, to abject bondageís armaments.
And as to personal liberty, there is but a fine line
in respect of self, to admiration of mind.

True liberty is the fruit, of control of self
false liberty is self assertion for wealth
Wealth of power over others
is the greatest of errors, where true liberty smothers.


Take a step back and open your eyes

For liberty is freedom, Divine and mortal
of our own freewill, we must enter the portals
Of perfection and love, the Divine infinite adventure
or choose its opposite, iniquity, finite expenditure.

I must here mention, liberty's extension
the cunning and infamous "VANITY"
In its innocent beginning it gives birth
to a prosperous society.

But as it swells, its vainglorious desire
will consume that very, civilized empire.
As pleasure takes precedence over hunger
its self maintenance slithers, its gratification plunders.

And in this freewill land, of my fortunate birth
its grip is growing tight
In debasing sex entertainment,
flaunting beauty as its plight!

A biblically exaggerated analogy comes to mind
its not quite plausible, but certainly well-timed.

For as we stand on the brink, of Spiritual change
those who longingly look back
Their stone cold stare, engulfs the embryo of soul
and personality is encased in its wrath.

And in all that profundity, I simply said
in iniquities embrace, when you die, you're dead.
For immortality is found in energy purity
and in its attempt, is actualization of surety.


Tree of Life

Before this narrative of rebellion ends
its heroes must be known
For their outright defiance of glorified evil,
to all must be commended and shown.

The staff of helpers, to the Divine Executive crew
were fifty men and fifty women like me and you

The intelligent descendants of Andon and Fonta
were chosen to aid the evolutionary plan
their unfaltering faith, in the invisible Father of God
should bear witness in every man.

Their unswerving devotion in all that ensued
compensated us all, as they stood unmoved.
Amadon was their leader, the assistant of Van
and together these few saved face for all man.

As Van took the reigns and the Sovereign trio fell
he took with him the 'Tree of Life' as well
For being Divine, its energy was required sustenance
and this plant of "Havona" provided the ethereal substance.

As Amadon had been consecrated, he too partook of its fruit
and Van and he continued fostering truth
This they did for 150,000 years
until the Violet race of their teachings, were prepared to appear.

Meanwhile the staff of the defaulting prince,
now deprived of the Tree of Life
Were reduced to mere mortals and with their leader "Nod"
became the eighth race, the Nodites.

The region they claimed was the "Land of Nod"
and into three major divisions, their followers trod
The first group remaining close, to the original area
substantially near the Gulf of Persia.

Others went east, in Elam they tallied
in the district of the Euphrates Valley
Some went west, about the shores of Syria
and infiltrated the Mediterranean area.

These Nodites then mated, with the Sangik races
and a group of their able progeny
Subsequently joined Van and his followers
near Lake Van at the south of the Caspian Sea.

And this world approached its apex of civilization
but no where near the golden age
For rebellion squelched its realization
and we are just now reaching this stage.

Then Van and Amadon, in their mountain seclusion
taught progressing man ethics and culture
Proclaiming the coming of a worthy successor
a Material Son of God, a racial uplifter.

To his nearest associates, Van told his tale
of the Material Sons and Daughters from the world where he hailed.
But interest in this prophesy was fairly minimal,
for in the majority of minds it was inexplicable.

Soon, scouts he sent forth, and the search was begun
for the perfect location of the "Garden of Eden"
Being thus named, from Edentia, the Heavenly abode
that was the model for their garden style of homes.

After three years of searching, on a site they agreed
a narrow peninsula, in the east of the Mediterranean Sea
Its climate was salubrious, its temperature equable
and the surrounding mountains made it quite protectable.

Its coast line was elevated and the mainland connection
was 27 miles across at its narrowest section.
Four small tributaries flowed to connect
the main river that crossed through the peninsular neck

Its irrigation was then easily maintained
and its profusion of plant life was thus sustained.

For, Material Sons and Daughters are vegetarians
in meat they would never imbibe
Their diet was of fruits, nuts and cereals
and the leaves from the Tree of Life.

Yet beyond the Garden, lay a world of savagery
as Van and Amadon organized a botanical pageantry
With 3000 volunteers of women and men
the monumental development of the Garden began.

They first built a wall across the peninsular neck
then unhampered landscape beautification came next.
The abodes of brick were then constructed
all one story dwellings, as Van instructed

But the temple of God, was allowed two floors
after all, it was the house of the Lord.

Then beyond the first wall, a second enclosure was made
this one for the animals, to protect the garden gate
And these beasts provided a valuable buffer
from the primitive men, that were beginning to hover.

Slowly but surely it began to take shape
even with the interference Caligastia made
For although deposed, he was still on the Earth
and his devilish reputation was widening its berth.

Deception is his method, and through this he expands
never through "Violence", this trait is MAN'S.

Adam and Eve - Albrecht Durer circa 1525

In the center of the courtyard, the Tree of Life was planted,
to Adam and Eve its substance was granted
And to their children also, it was to provide
extension of life as they multiplied.

The construction continued for 87 years,
before the Material Son and Daughter appeared
And as we reckon time, once more I'll relate
35,914 BC was the date.

This magnificent pair of Life and Light
of the Violet race, were over eight feet in height
Divine beings spiritually energized, in their physical state
their bodies appeared to radiate.

And this golden aura that continually glowed
when covered by clothing, became a halo
And this radiance is depicted down to this day
to signify holiness in every age.


Upon Adam and Eve's arrival and inspection of the Garden
they spoke with the followers of Van
And began to realize the immensity of their task
in organizing poor disorganized man.

Things almost ran smoothly for seven years
with the help and guidance from Van
Then came the time for Van to ascend,
this is when the trouble began.

For their "Prime Directive" was to teach and multiply
to spiritually uplift and enlighten the children of time
And when their number, was a half million strong
to go forth and fortify the awaiting throngs.

And to the surrounding clans bestow honor and grace
with the gift of the plasma of the Violet race.

And their schools in the garden, taught social culture
economic development and trade
Physical efficiency, civil government,
and art, how its objects were made.

But on a normal world the Planetary Prince
and his schools would have paved the way
With the teaching of morals and religious instruction
through the highest philosophical conclaves.

Through this amalgamation, on such a grand scale
it's easy to understand
If things had normally progressed we'd now be united,
as the grand race of "Man".

And color of skin would be hard to discern
as would be egotistical pride
For if you look past the cover, you'll quickly discover
we're all the same color inside.

But things didn't progress as they normally would
for Calagastia was busy deceiving
Tearing down and disrupting the trust
that primitive man was slowly receiving.

Adam and Eve had tremendous trouble
because their enemy was completely invisible
It was impossible to convince these finite minds
that what they couldn't see, committed deceptive crimes.

And while Caligastia and his assistant Dalagastia
wreaked havoc on the minds of humanity
Adam and Eve begat 63 children
before the mis-understood calamity.

With their children's children,
the Violet race were 1,647 in number
When Eve unintentionally, in compassion torn strife
pulled the prime directive asunder.


It's time man really understands
exactly what happened that day
And what preceded the decision of the fateful temptation
that led poor Eve astray.

For 100 years, Adam had tried his best
in teaching primitive man to progress
But the problems that impeded learning in the rebellion torn land
led to considerable distress in this Divine loving man.

He related these feelings many times
to his loyal and trusting wife
And in isolation on this quarantine rebel world
improvisation was entertained in her strife.

But no man can imagine the weight of this pair
to bring light and order, to a world of darkness and despair
On top of this task they had to contend
with the thousands of dialects, of all the clans of man.

Of all the worlds that were then evolving
ours was the greatest, in insuperable problems

And the insufferable Calagastia continued his plan
doing everything to disrupt the education of man.
And when attempted disloyalty in Adam, would not conceive
he set about the sneaky disruption of Eve.

Amongst the most intelligent clan
was a very distinguished and spiritual man
For several years his friendship with Adam and Eve grew
his part in Calasgastia's plan he never knew.

For in deception, Calagastia is king
and his malicious infiltration, didn't miss a thing.

The respected Nodite, Serapatatia,
worked with Adam and Eve winning tribal support
As their civilization progressed, they regularly met
strengthening their mutual rapport.

One day it occurred to Serapatatia,
that an immediate alliance could be based
In a child of the Nodites, if in fact its one parent,
was of the Violet race.

For this powerful tie would bind the people
if this child could be reared by Eve
And in her compassionate deliberation desiring to help Adam
she emotionally agreed.

Serapatatia was sincere but also impatient
and knowing Adam was discouraged too
it was the quotient in convincing Eve,
that allowed her to bend the rule.

But it took five years of convincing
for the actual temptation to finally transpire
All involved were sincere, even Cano
the man the Nodite tribe most admired.

Haywain - by Heroneous Bosch

Cano too was sympathetic, with the Adamic regime
and was unaware of his part, in Calagastia's nefarious scheme.

As Eve met Cano, her heart he won
before realizing the step she was taking, unceremoniously it had been Done!

At once Adam recognized, something was wrong
and asked Eve to come aside
as she related her long nourished plan
in her fear and disparity she cried.

As the two communed, came the "Voice in the Garden"
reproving the disobedience
Of the default of the oath, they had before given
to the Sovereign of the Universe.

They had been warned many times
regarding Calagastia's suggestions
To combine good and evil, would be subtle
but would surely be temptation.

They had been admonished, "The day you commingle good and evil
you shall surely become as mortals."

Though sincerity and good intentions
were the basis for decision
Its departure from the Divine plan
was shadowed in derision.

Adam was disillusioned, but held only pity
and though heartbroken, was engulfed with sympathy.

Now realizing Eve was of mortal fate
and unable to bear this vigil alone
He deliberately chose to share the guilt of his mate
and without beguilement, his seed was sown.

It was at that moment he was mortalized,
and Lotta bore his child
She was a teacher in the school of the garden
and she too was un-beguiled.

And the "Forbidden Fruit", in which they partook
that fateful day in the garden
Formed its present mythological elocution
and subsequently, became biblically hardened.

When the inhabitants of the Garden learned of Eve's mortal fate,
they were totally angered and incensed
War they declared on Cano's tribe,
every Nodite man, woman and child perished.

Cano too was killed in this senseless raid
and Serapatatia felt his guilt abound
The weight of its circumstance took him to the river
where he threw himself in and was drowned.

All of these desperate and despairing events
led Adam to retreat from his home
Leaving Eve for thirty days,
distraught and fearfully alone.

The unknown fate of her beloved mate
tormented her beyond belief
And not until his eventual return
would she perceive the end of her grief.

But more trouble was brewing as news of the Nodite annihilation
Reached Serapatatia's home in the north
a great host assembled, in his retribution
in hostility to the garden, they marched forth.

Adam now reconciled to their mortal future
and on hearing of the coming Army
gathered his family and loyal followers
and in haste they proceeded to flee.

Eden then became occupied by several warring tribes
of the Nodites, the Sutites and at last the Suntites.

And the Tree of Life,
which bore the fruit of the Gods
Failing to work on mortals was destroyed
by the advancing followers of Nod.

Thus is the basis for the ensuing story
of Serpentatia's temptation of Eve.
And within 4,000 years this Isle of beauty
sank beneath the Mediterranean Sea.

Although degraded to mortal status,
the pair was completely absolved
For participation in Calagastia's plot
as they were unknowingly involved.

For three days they journeyed eastward
but were soon approached
By an Angel of God
and His seraphic transport hosts.

And Adam and Eve then heard the final dissolution
of their mission failure and partial absolution
But the fate of their children was fraught with total dismay
for only those of age, who chose, could stay.

And three fourths of their offspring
were removed from this earth
And transported to the dimensional realm
of their parents birth.

Then Adam and Eve pressed on slowly, in sadness and disgrace
Seeking suitable land for their continued mortal embrace.

The erroneous doctrines of original sin
and pre-existing guilt of man, will soon end
For even in the depth, of their failure at hand
they contributed much, to the evolution of man.

The complete confusion regarding creation
was forged in the imagination of man
Where actual occurrences over thousands of years
were reduced conveniently to a one week span.

The first confusion regarding the myth
of the six days involved in creation
Was based on the investigation of Adam and Eve
as they toured their Garden station.

Because of its size, six days were required
for all to be inspected
And on the seventh day they remained alone
at home until completely rested.

The second legend of "Adam's Rib"
began in the early times of Amadon
For the Princes divine staff, required infusion
of the simple mortal DNA plasm.

And this process of transfusion
for visualization of the Princes staff
Involved blood and marrow, a surgical procedure
to encircuit both mortal and divine, half & half.

Statue of Moses, Michelangelo

Thus allowing Amadon to partake of the Tree of Life
as he lived for 170,000 years
And the lore of his co-creation was invariably passed
to millions and millions of ears.

And too was passed the story of the Garden
and the descending of the "Gods" Adam and Eve
Then in mythical embellishment it grew and grew
stating even Moses had agreed.

But Moses never related such a tale
in fact oftentimes he clearly stated
That "Cain" immigrated to the "Land of Nod"
where he ruled and eventually mated.

The fact the Hebrews had no written language
until 900 BC
Makes it easy for imagination and its effect
to inevitably take the lead.

Consequently, when an alphabet did appear
this fabrication was "written in stone"
As they tried to prove Abraham's lineage to Adam,
the story went full blown.

They said, Adam was the first of all mankind
as Yahweh was his Creator
So the six days in the making of heaven and earth
was the perfect delineator.

And this spurious document reputed to be
the actual teachings of Moses
Fell into the hands of Ptolemy
who gave credence to all it supposes.


And such was the fate of many facts
that all religions espouse as sacred
For we tend to forget the admonishing effect
of exaggeration, as it is equated.

Much too often, tradition is bound
in the weeds of misinterpretation
And until pulled free spirituality is annulled
by their suffocating subjugation.

Only when actual truth is sought
will man begin to see
Spiritual knowledge is mostly self taught
and the forest will be reckoned from the trees.


Getting back to the plight, of Adam and Eve
and their second Garden of Earth
The eventual arrival of Cain and Sansa
and the story of their birth.

As it took over a year to reach Mesopotamia
Cain and Sansa were born on the way
as the births were in hardship Lotta was weakened
with no strength left she passed away.

So Eve reared Sansa and she grew to be
an outstanding woman of great ability

She married Sargan of the Blue Race,
Chief of his tribe
she contributed much to their advancement
in those spiritually impoverished times.

The new garden area Adam and Eve found
and unanimously selected
was between the Tigris and Euphrates
as it was well protected

This second site on which they'd agreed
was known to Adam as one of the original three.
And as the news of their coming went on ahead
the original inhabitants, fearing the "Gods," had fled

Upon their arrival of the vacated region
they established new culture and a center of religion.

As the first garden, had been much tended and cared
for the ensuing agricultural difficulties they were unprepared
But the excruciating labor of their hands showed the traces
of their unending toil and the sweat of their faces.

And in less than two years, in what was not a fable
came the birth of a son, Cain's half brother Able
When Able turned 12 he became a herder
as his half brother Cain preferred agriculture.

Their disharmony grew, as they did too
and Able in flaunting his parentage
kept insulting Cain, with agricultural disdain
and his lack, in the non-purity of his heritage.

And it was such a lineage of Cainís Nodite blood
admixed of Aboriginal, Red and Blue
That augmented his rage and in un-contained wrath
his younger brother he slew!

As Abelís flocks returned sans master
Adam and Eve sadly knew too well
What had become of their son, and the mitigating circumstances
to which his fate befell.

Cain & Able - by William Blake

For poor Cain had never been happy
as he symbolically proved the default
And though most seemed to be kind, he recognized
their subconscious stares of assault.

Now he was painfully aware he must depart
and his sorrow and remorse was conveyed
He went to his mother asking guidance and forgiveness
and this she freely gave

And an "Adjuster" was bestowed right then in his heart,
which gave him the strength to leave.
Then Cain went forth, to the "Land of Nod"
With forgiveness and love as his creed.

Though heritage is innately swayed by environment
it is profoundly unfortunate
That even a good one can't contribute as much
if heredity has debasing associates.

If character is strong, it will diminish likewise
in a bad environment its strength will slowly neutralize.

Yet good education and healthy social habits
when impressed upon the young
Are indispensable to the soil of civilization
and what it is to become.

For it's the people who make a civilization
not the reverse in this situation.


Now Adam and Eve, in their new earthly place
spawned the descendants of the 9th human race
Their eyes were blue and their complexions fair
with yellow, brown and red flowing hair.

Though Eve did not realize childbirth through pain
with the mixture of bloodlines to all women it came.

The second Garden continued to flourish
and through fruits, nuts and vegetables all were nourished.
The descendants, as their parents partook in no meat
and for several generations it did not compete.

And mention must be made of their superior senses
their psychic ability was considerably acute
They could see the vast hosts of Midwayers and Angels
that are just beyond our human view.

They could also see the fallen Prince
who came to them many times
But was completely unable to further implicate
this race in his many crimes.

But with succeeding generations, the senses diminished
perception became less and less
Fear found its way back to mortal minds
and is still putting man to the test.

When all men realize there is nothing to fear
except iniquity's personal embrace
And that personality in each of us has an infinite seed
then spirituality will take fear's place.

Before Adam and Eve died, their mortal amalgamation attempt
produced 1,570 superior progeny
And the Adamite race went forth in the world
uplifting men physically and spiritually.

Adam had lived 530 years
and Eve 521
But, they left behind a legacy of truth
for humanity for each and every one.

Adam and Eve were then laid to rest
beneath the temple floor
This tradition is reminiscent in the internment
of the pious in the future mores.

From the Lucifer Rebellion and the Adamic default
our plasma pays the price
For their strength would have given immunity to disease
our science must continually fight.

But before Adam died he received a message
from his Creator Father, our Universe Sovereign
And this message of love and comfort
relieved most of his stressful problems.

"I've considered the circumstance of your default
and remembered you're hearts loyalty to my Father's will
You will be called from your mortal slumber
when I come to your earthly realm."

Though veiled in mystery they comprehended
the coming of the "Son of God"
And they heralded this prophesy to their progeny,
who proclaimed its truth wherever they trod.

So, from the time of the arrival
of our infamous prince
Until Adam's end appeared
encompassed merely 450,000 earthly years.

And it wasn't until Abraham's time
the prophet Machiventa Melchizedek came
With the spiritual truth that almost took root
as Abraham tried to explain.


I must further explain the Midway creatures
these beings are quite unique
For they are half way between Angel and man
and their birth is a quirk of creational technique.

Now the princes staff, when descended to earth
were non-reproducing beings
But a male and a female subsequently conceived
a very unusual happening.

From a non-sexual relation, a Midway Creature evolved
and this special progeny
Was of invaluable service, in the affairs of the prince,
he commissioned all his staff to conceive.

Fifty came forth for the initial core
for one year they were put to the test
And as their contribution was vast more were created for the task
till 50,000 stood abreast.

It was after the completion of the Midway host
that the staff was transfused with man
For up unto this point, they were quite invisible
to the primitive tribes of the land.

And Amadon was chosen, with 99 others
to cont-RIB-ute the necessary genes
Shortly thereafter the princes staff
could physically be seen.

With the staff now physical, procreation was possible
which was part of the original plan
And as Nod was in charge when rebellion ensued
60 rebel Nodites formed the eighth race from their clan.

Thus developed the Nodite basis for the mythological tales
Of the Gods among men and from whence they hailed.

I've already explained how the empire sank
after the rebellion started
But these wandering Gods scattering knowledge abroad
were how instant civilizations were imparted.

One in particular, of the Sumerian descent
whose extensive history is written
On tablets of clay preserved to this day
and in these words Nodite history is hidden.

They even described the city of the prince
and referred to its name as "Dilmun"
Even once intimating another great city
of the men and Gods of Eden.

Their comprehensive knowledge of metalworking,
agriculture, pottery and weaving
suddenly loom on the horizon of primitive man
proved again and again in stone writing.

One endeavor of the Nodite descendants
in the "Tower of Babel" is veiled
While trying to idolize their culture and might
they ultimately and vaingloriously failed.

Tower of Babel - Bruegel

Bablot, the architect had a glorious plan
to preserve the Nodite ancestry
A pretentious temple, which he designed,
would sustain their superiority in history.

But being Nodites, they couldn't agree
on how the completed structure would be used
And after four years of building, tempers flared
and murderous fighting ensued.

Needless to say construction was delayed
the infamous "Tower of Babel" was halted
And it suffered the fate, of its pretentious
weight along with those it exalted.

But a few religious descendants of this "Land of Nod"
found their way to Mount Ararat
In Assyrian lore, is the story of Van
and the seven commandments he begat.

But also confused with this history
is the erroneous Babylonian Flood
And the story of Noah that became enmeshed
which now remains stuck in the mud.


But first getting back to the Midwayers
the second group is about to expand
Though most of the Primary core fell to rebellion
one fifth stayed loyal to Van.

Now the first born child of Adam and Eve,
Adamson, by name
When 120 years old left the second garden
and to the Ararat region he came.

For Van had told him of the mountain retreat
that he and Amadon had gleaned
And he longed to find the mystical place
of his childhood dreams.

With 27 followers Adamson ventured north
and after a span of three years
past the foothills of Turkestan, in the Kopet Dagh
a beautiful village appeared.

Amongst its inhabitants was an intriguing woman
directly descended from the staff of the prince
And when she first beheld this magnificent man
affection became her intent.

Adamson too fell in love with Ratta
they were married within fourteen weeks
And begat a family of 67 children,
of whom 16 were extremely unique.

Every fourth child had a peculiarity,
they would often disappear
Though Ratta was alarmed, Adamson explained
about the primary Midwayers.

As the fourth and eighth were male and female
Adamson allowed them to mate
And along with the others,
each invisible couple gave birth to 248.

For Adamson and Ratta, were both of Superhuman descent
and this quirk of their genealogical union
Persist to this day, these beings half way
between the Angels and men.

But when the rebellion, was said and done,
only 10,992 remained true
And all the others with their mischievous brothers
upon Christ's death, from this earth were removed.


Noah's Ark

Before we move onward there is a certain fable
that must be raised and dried
I'm speaking of Noah and of course the flood
in which the whole world supposedly died.

Once upon a time in Babylon,
there were these captured Hebrew Priests
Who wanted Adam to beget Abraham,
and when he didn't they were unanimously displeased.

So one of them said, since Noah is dead
lets trace Abraham back to his son
And flood the whole world so no one will argue
they all agreed, and it was done.

Now at that time there were many floods
but it is scientifically clear
The world was covered only once
in the Archeozoic ages, before any land appeared.

But there was a Noah he lived in Aram
near Erech, in a river settlement
He kept written records of the rivers annual rise
and was prepared for the worst event.

He built his house of wood in boat fashion
and brought his animals in each night
And the people laughed at this peculiar
man for creating such a public sight.

He tried to warn them, though, to no avail
And when the river drowned them, away he sailed.

Along with this flood, which was quite extensive
the second garden was washed away
but all its descendants had a fore gone forth
uplifting civilization and man on the way.
And so it was, the three cities of the Gods
were washed beneath the waves
The city of the Prince, in the Persian Gulf
and Eden, on the eastern Mediterranean floor stays.

But evolution continued in spite of it all
and though slow it's terribly effective
And the depersonalization of phenomena commenced
and is almost completely affected.

The ancients sought supernatural explanation
for all out of range of their comprehension
But the frank, honest and fearless search
for all true causes has given birth.

Astrology to Astronomy, Alchemy to Chemistry
magic to Medicine in compliance
And all of these have formed the basis
of modern manís contemporary science.

Science teaches man to speak the new language
of mathematics and exacting precision
it stabilizes philosophy by eliminating error
perfecting religion while destroying superstition.

But the land with the richest natural deposits
and the most advanced equipment
Will make little progress when intelligence declines
and when education is its last commitment.

When education falters, wisdom is lost
declining understanding prevails
and all he's acquired will cover with dust
if sprouting minds aren't continually assailed.

Pythagoras of Samos

And here lies the proof men tend to forget
history and its lessons
without continuing his education
he must continually rediscover its essence.

As Pythagoras, 600 BC, said the earth was a sphere
man quickly decided what he couldn't see Absolutely wasn't there
So don't despair if this isn't clear
to reach this point took man four billion years.

Ancient Brahmin books stated the age of the earth
our scientists just now agree with its birth
And as rediscovery takes its reign
remember once again...

That evolution as Darwin found
in 600 BC was Anaximander's sound
Then again in 200 BC
the Book of Manu made the same decree.

We can't ignore the relativity of time
of Heraclitus and Zeno, and of course, Einstein
Two thousand years before Boyle and atomics
Uluka Knada, wrote the same sonnet.

And what of the planets the vast galaxy
Wang Chung explained in 52 AD
Space travel began with Sputnik, in 1957
just look again, for Surya Siddantra, touched heaven.

And along these lines aviation stems,
not from 1903
But 3000 years before Mr. Wright
through the sky Daedalus did flee.


Not one stone has been left unturned by technology or man
For in Antikythera, 65 BC computers were in hand.
What of plumbing, a new luxury?
not for Knossos, 2000 BC

The Antikytheram Mechanism

And Mohenjo Daro knew this much
Ďtwas not modern man with the royal flush.
What of light, electricity?
would Volta be shocked, with Babylon's battery?

Then there is medicine, the cures that aid us
we might all be well if we'd read the Vedas.
And penicillin from Fleming in 1928
was the Egyptians, to create

The golden age of science that was commonplace
must be sought throughout time, as well as in space.

The facts remain the earth is but one
in a myriad of planets
The Milky Way's thirty billion stars
support much life as we understand it.

So when will we ever see the light
of intelligent existence shining at night?
The stars speak loudly, but we plug our ears
as we ignore the remnants found through the years.

The stories through history have pointed the way
to future's past that led to today.
Of Gilgamesh and his Godly roots
of Enkidu and their journey of truth

The account of this fantastic tale is too great to be ignored
For in Genesis it is told again and in Exodus once more.

Dead Sea Scrolls

In fact its told a thousand times
throughout man's history
And proved again without a doubt
with the scrolls of the Dead Sea.

As in chariots from heaven they appeared to Adam and Eve
And were the means for Enoch to forever take his leave.
Why can't man listen, why can't he see?
the proof before him was meant to be

It was left for his purpose, to aid his pursuit
of Terrestrial Fathers and Celestial roots.
And from these celestial roots he will eventually see
the fruit of enlightenment in spirituality.


Then next in his line, of repetitious recognition
is primitive worship, through evolved religion.

For evolving man at one time or another
has worshiped everything in existence
And his inexplicable is still an "act of God"
or the "dispensations of providence".

But as intelligence grows, so will the inevitable
From man's mind and his actions, are wrought the spiritual.

As the worship of nature was elucidated by science
The experience of God acquiesces through personal compliance.
For anything palpable that man held in reverence
could not withstand curiosity's genius.

As Divinity is progenitor of its physical substance
its intimacy must inevitably redeem us.

But long before actual worship began
the fear of ghosts enslaved primitive man
Stemming from dreams of their departed brethren
the ghost cults advanced and death was their fulcrum.

And the fear of the dead was quite impervious
so to placate these ghosts, came the funeral service.
Mourning was necessary to keep spirits away
for if the dead saw happiness, they'd want to stay

Though modern man mourns, losing someone dear
the ancients did it out of abject fear.
They'd offer them anything, from tools to bread
including slaves or relatives, to please the dead.

But as the cults advanced the many ghost classes
were reduced to only two
Good and Bad in association
and religio-philosophy progressed to its duo.

Today this dualism has not reconciled
good's alter ego persists
And as thoughts produce energy, and energy mass
through its belief, it's allowed to exist.

With the sectioning of these ghosts came coercion and exorcism
bribe them or scare them away
and the sprinkling of holy water, the washing of hands,
and the wake came down to this day.

Exorcism, ritualism, sacred oaths,
and self torture, coerced the dead
And provided fearful man a little insurance
protecting him from his spirit dread.

And the cults sprang forth in ceremonial advent
Providing symbolism and preservation of moral and religious sentiment.

But in ritual lies the seed of its destruction
progression is Law in spiritual deduction.
For a meaningless cult vitiates religion
supplanting philosophy and enslaving reason


And only when its symbolism can expand and change
will it escape dissensionís forthcoming range.
In spirituality is found, the ultimate symbolism
the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of civilization.

We've come along way from these primitive fears
and it only took us 400,000 years
We can't stop now, we must all work together
to conquer the evil, that ignorance tethers.

Mans first object of worship, believe it or not
was a simple stone, a "qualified rock"
For he was truly amazed that it would suddenly appear
and were convinced the "spirits" had just put it there.

And the fact that meteors had a fiery birth
sufficiently added to their mystical worth.

Even today, in parts of India
people still worship stones
The Bengal meteor is completely revered
from God's hand in 1880, it was thrown.

The Kabba Stone, Mecca

In fact some stones have quite a fanciful reputation
from the most backward of peoples, to intelligent nations.
Modern man will pay much, for their obsession still rules
Venerating self accomplishment in adorning stone "jewels."

William Blake, The Book of Urizen: The Web of Religion

As stone size grew, exaltation did too
and the ultimate stone benediction
Is found round the world in its heavenly view
with the holy mountain application.

But what man sees in the beauty, of his worldly place
is the Energy of God's majestic grace
And this Entelechy permeates the Earthly abodes
of our permanent Angelic and Midwayer host.

Soon, stone worship gave way to the plants and trees
all kinds of "spirits" could be found in these
For intoxicating substances, could be found on their vines
and when man was intoxicated, he was of course divine.

Down to this day "spirits" you will find
from fruits and grains of plants, are refined
And intoxicated man would do anything he could
so to strengthen his luck, would knock on wood.

Now moving onward, in man's worshipful annals
we discover the reverement, of the animals.
Some men even believed, that when they died
their soul would return in animal guise

And its memory traces are seen even now
in China's dragons, Hindu snakes and India's cows.
And the most recognizable, in modern symbolism
is the entwining insignia of later day medicine.

But of course man progressed in his worshipful ascent
and began to sanctify the glorious elements
For fire, water, and wind were evoked
from rain and lightening for in thunder, God spoke.

Zodiac Signs

And these gods wreaked havoc on primitive man
punishing him, for his unapproved plans
But the rainbows forgave, as did tending divine fires
and today candles are required in alter attire.

But, it is the Energy of God in the purity of the flame
that ignites man's burning desire of Spiritual gain.

Since the sky was the vehicle of the spirit ghosts
it was natural to worship the heavenly hosts
The stars, the moon and of course our sun
is continually heralded, first in weekly recognition.

And all the planets of the zodiac tree
are reverenced as manipulators, in astrology
And as thoughts create energy, and energy mass
if you believe in a horoscope enough, it might come to pass.

Now having worshipped everything else
there was one thing left - the worship of himself.

Thus began the veneration of man
and the first people proclaimed of divine worth
Were the feeble minded and epileptics
for their actions were of spirit birth.

Next came the priests, the kings, and the prophets
and religion was progressing, nothing could stop it.

For primitive worship creates its own gods
but its revelation formulates true religion
And as it evolves worship transforms
from the created to its source of creation.

But on its way up are found luck and chance
two terms given to unexplained circumstance.
Luck is begat from inexplicable good
getting something for nothing as it's understood.

And chance excuses diligent exploration
of the pre-existent forces of its causation.

Intellectual laziness culminates in both
but in their continued exploration
Law and order will take its oath
and the joy of life will begin exaltation.

But it's taken many thousands of years
to evolve truth from the fetters of fetish
the priests and the prophets became the generals
that led the armies of its exorcising skirmish.

But fetish is a fighter and even to this day
its ancestors persist in having their way.

As primitive man revered his chiefly remains
and dutifully enshrined them
today his pilgrimages still culminate
at the tombs of his modern men.

All relics head the list of this primitive remnant
with totems, charms, and magic
and superstition has equated to modern day
in various forms of its subjects.

But ancient magic was the cocoon of science
and as man's intelligence extends
it will heal the theurgy and superstitious ignorance
that languishes in half of our lands.

But all the above coupled with fear
promulgated the birth of religion
and the taboo and its accompanying sin
progressed man through its tribulation.

For continued violation of a stated taboo
evolved into a vice
It then became sin and in its retribution
came the birth of sacrifice.

But between the above lie renunciation and humiliation
"Penance" holds this modern day form
along with celibacy some priesthoodís endure
from primitive denial cults were born.

We still long to enjoy liberty without license
and nourishment without gluttony
the daily continuance where peace is derived
where there is pleasure without debauchery.

But back to the reality of the sacrificial rites
involved in evolving religion
Of conciliation and propitiation in replacing
avoidance, placation and exorcism

And as his ignorance gave way,
man released foolish notions
Of cannibalism and sacrifice
for redemptive and covenant motions.

Thus acquiring some moral dignity
he precociously dared to bargain
with the new respectful Deity
that could actually pardon.

Thus came the inception of personal prayer
verbal bargaining was instigated
with the advancement of developing trade
the prayer aficionados were inculcated.

Shaman Picture

Prayer then became formulated
petitions for health, wealth and life
we put them in books and hung them in trees
using them only in times of strife.

In prayers evolution came sacrament from sacrifice
symbolic flesh and blood took hold
its symbolism would eventually suffice
for offerings of the evolving men of old.

Its propitiator's became the shamans and priests
and the sacrament became ritualistic
then salvation was released from the hands of the priests
and the actuated became the mystic.

And forgiveness of sin was then erringly delegated
to those men of sacrament, whose penance they relegated.
But spiritual man in seeking truth will instill
loyalty to God in his own freewill

And sin will vanish, in recognition of relation
for God in us all is a supplication.

The simple realization of Godís all-powerful love
will awaken in each human soul
as the quest of its inception leads us above
the superstitions and rituals of old.

So from placation, avoidance, exorcism, and coercion
To Conciliation, propitiation, sacrifice, atonement and redemption
Religion acquiesced, but along the route
the shaman stood between common man and his God of truth.

Even primitive chiefs were put in their place
by the "Medicine Man" class, as modern church does to state.

Yet early on these spirit magicians
mystified their heathen brethren
and with sleight of hand these ventriloquists
induced forms of hypnotism.

Though many resorted to tricks and deceptions
their reputation in achievement flourished
shrewd actors reigned while their honest contemporaries
failing to mystify, perished.

Spirit conjuring was precise and highly complicated
to the uneducated and illiterate class
It was often done in an ancient tongue
not unlike a Latin mass.

Their incantations and casting of lots
their omens and their signs
evoked the rain and cast out disease
while influencing kingly minds.

And most were wealthy, for all had to pay
for representation to the Gods
they exempted themselves from tribal restriction
in their aristocratic facade.

But the Greeks were the first, to evolve pure medicine
for they'd retained teachings, from descendants of Adamson,
And the Egyptians too had intelligent medicinal forays
discovering knowledge destroys the magical mores.

For secrecy is essential in successful fraud
and once known loses mystical worth
the forthcoming illumination paves the way
for emerging science and medical research.

And though most were frauds on occasion we find
spiritual prophecy in one or two of this kind.

One of the last true Shaman, was of the Shawnee tribe
in the year of 1808
Tenskwatawas predicted the eclipse of the sun
and the vices of the white man's age.

Alas I must discuss ritual and priests
for they go hand in hand
one begat the other, but to say which came first
would be, to take another philosophical stand.

Needless to say, where goes one,
goes the other is the trend
And all they perform will always conclude
in selah or amen.

And it's most unfortunate that these men of God
use ritual as a substitute for religion
as they stand between man and his worshipful thoughts
imposing their spiritual restrictions.

They must now remember, they are only guides
for it only stands to reason
if they found God within themselves
He waits in us all, for the season.

But, I must also admit, they have valiantly led
primitive man from association of fear and dread.

Their accomplishments stand in God's recognition from man
And as his faith begins gathering others
although it varies, it is the same
in this race of mortal brothers.

As for prayer, its purest form
asks nothing for others or self
But seeks communion with the Fiat of Love
expressing worship in all that is felt.
Prayer can console and can sometimes cure
but its essence is ultimately essential
For man to consummate his will as Gods own
and liberate his immortal potential.

Yet manís possession of religion is of natural origin
And is part of his experience before systematic revelation.

So from the first signs of primitive fear
religion began to grow
Progressing through nature, cultism and sacrament
that paved modern dayís spiritual road.

But religion must now be recognized
as the stepping stone of spiritual youth
And its continual evolution, enlightens mortal mind
to the source of its celestial truth.

All religion will eventually reflect
man and his changing mores
For wisdom illuminates revelation
and revelation erases lore.

Most ancient scriptures passed down as sacred
were done so from fear and respect
For ancestor worship is slow in dissipating
as are traditions that are suspect.

Even when the obtuse intertwines
if it's in a "sacred book" it must be divine
And it takes hundreds of years to finally metamorphose
from adulation promulgated in primitive stasis.

Evolutionary religion makes no provision
for altered beliefs of change or revision
In all that it espouses and eschews in subjection
it leaves no room for progressive correction.
But it did sustain morality in primitive minds
through the priest police and their tithing binds.
And as this world progressed, its wisdom did too
with science eliminating phobia from truth.

And revelation permeated those God seeking souls
who burrowed their way through religious throes.

For spiritual truth is weightless
and even though its suppressed
It will rise to the top
when shaken from stress.

And as intelligence evolves the vibrations descend
Rocking truth from the depths for the witness of man.

And successive mutation of religious thought
will stumble on true worship and wisdom
For revelation expands spiritual minds of man
and change forms our beliefs with reason.

Disclosure is inescapable in Spiritual pursuit
and its only limitation
Is held in the pursuers receptive grace
and the capacity of his emancipation.

And to this world, the truth has been brought
in five epochs, the Sons of God came and taught.

Dispersing enlightenment of the "Father of God"
and man's eternal relation
And from these revealers several leaders appeared
confirming their acclamations.

Its first dispensations from the Planetary Prince
were to the primitive races of time
The second was Eden, where Adam and Eve's
teaching was partially consigned.
The third came to Salem,
the news of God the Father he brought
And Melchizedek's personal teachings
to Abraham were taught.

The fourth was the greatest deliverer
of man and faith
As Jesus of Nazareth proclaimed
God the Father's estate.

The fifth proclamation was 1900 years later
And which these words reflect, The Urantia Papers.

From all these teachings great religious leaders came
to spread the words of faith
But men tend to venerate, the man and his name
at the expense of what his teachings equate.

In this adulation, exaggeration abounds
with miraculous births and quixotic grounds
For man desires relation, with the source of the divine
and his enlightened kinsmen, he tends to enshrine.

Only Jesus was worthy of this reverential awe
and this he tried to dispel
It was what he said, that he hoped would remain
and the example of His life in itself.

But all truth seeking faiths must eventually reveal
the partial truths that their dogma conceals.
And the fallacy of believing that just one holds all truth
Is theological arrogance of congregational faith in its youth.


And though man's variable intellect will always stair-step
it is spiritually probable for his beliefs to coalesce.
For regardless of form and fading ritual
it's forever true in spirit, all men are equal.

And in all his religions, "Salvation" is the part
that will finally relate all God's children in heart.
For what is salvation, but deliverance from
what we perceive as pain, what we've become.

If we'd actually follow our separate doctrines
we'd be completely amazed
All speak the same language
all sing the same praise.

The Buddhist leaves suffering and finds unending peace
as he strives for enlightenment that all men must seek.

The Hebrew salvation, in righteousness stems
prosperity follows, difficulties end.

The Greeks seek beauty, in salvation they are freed
from the disharmony and evil that ugliness breeds.

Zoroaster founded truth in morality
and discovered goodness unlocked immortality.

The Hindus saw what is beyond the material
and focused salvation in all things ethereal.

Christianity promises salvation from sin
eternal sanctity, in letting love win.

And Mohammed was delivered from the religious strife
of beliefs that inhibited his way of life.

As each form of belief has its mentor
their proclamation of hope, was the door they entered

And the door they left open, with their teaching and direction
for all to discover their path of reflection.
With each of these prophets a guide was instilled
And in each step toward Love their prophesy is fulfilled.

As Jesus proclaimed "I am the Son of God
and I am also man"
You my brother are also sons,
all life is from God's hands.

And as one religion says know thyself
and another, know thy God
Christ heralded, know that as Himself
all mortals are the children of God.

As literal children we must comprehend
we are but infants in our visible land
And the desire for enlightenment of ethereal truth
is from our Celestial Fathers' heritage and terrestrial roots.

In the course of our evolution
this truth almost faltered
But was rescued by the bestowal
of a Melchizedek Father.

2,000 years before the birth of Christ
Machiventa Melchizedek interned
To insure the continuing flame of spiritual truth
for its embers faintly burned.

To a shepherd in Palestine this sage descended
proclaiming El Elyon, the one God in heaven
And this city of his choice, took the name of Salem
then became Jebus, and finally Jerusalem.


For ninety years he exhorted veracity
and chose one man to continue his creed
the son of Terah, Abraham by name
and the father of the Hebrews was decreed.

Melchizedek told him, "Count the stars if you are able,
so numerous shall your seed be"
"And it was counted to him for righteousness"
and Abraham, in Melchizedek believed.

Melchizedek prophesied a son of God
to be born of woman, on this earth
who'd accept all men as the children of God
if faith was the sum of their worth.

And Isaac came forth and the truth prevailed
but as Jacob released it was somewhat curtailed
Then down through Joseph, these teachings decreased
until all went awry from Babylon's captive Hebrew priests.

For the Hebrews at that time were terribly oppressed
and their ego need healing
so the Old Testament was changed, and what didn't appease
was subject to concealing.

Though Abraham was chosen to prepare the faith
as confirmed by Angels on the Plains of Mamre
the chosen implication was enlarged to encompass
all born of the Hebraic family.

And Abraham's conversations with the Sage of Salem
were proscribed to have been with Yahweh
with other admonitions written in
giving credence to the depth of parley.

Calvary - by Andrea Mantegna

Though bolstering and strengthening these people of oppression
these embellishments gave birth to racial egotism.

And when the Son of God was born a Jew
offering them their "Kingdom" in Heaven
these ancient obsessions of a materialistic view
meant this Messiah could not be believed in.

So in order to save face and protect words of priestly breath
this redeemer of all men, was put to death.

Then Christianity picked up where the Hebrews left off
but it too embellished their ensuing epilogues.
Adding miraculous overtures to enhance congregation
forgetting the example of Jesus' life and his mission.

To inform all men of the equality of spirit
and that faith was the only contention
that would liberate man from mortal flesh
to the heights of immortal ascension.

For always must God first find man
before man, can finally find Him
And Sonship must eventuate for it to be understood
all creation of life is universal brotherhood.

Religion can never become scientific fact
though its philosophy rests in its basis
it must ever remain evolutionary or revelatory
as in its modern day stasis.

The old will never cease to exist
it is simply merged with the new
As Sikhism from Buddha, Hindu, and Islam
and Christianity from Mithria and the Jews.
For primitive man was quick to borrow or lend
only in contemporary revealed religion does theological egotism descend.

And it's quite a fallacy for any religious group
to conceive in their Dogma the ultimate truth.

These attitudes speak of hubris,
not certainty of Faith.
for only in the "Doing" of Gods will
lies the real truth and the way.

And the Melchizedek missionaries' gospel
dispersed the seeds of this faith
laying the foundations
of its modern day grace.

Some of their psalms were etched in stone
but when discovered, were assigned new authors
the Book of Job is a good reflection of the words
of these Melchizedek sisters and brothers.

The praises of Amenmope, his Book of Salemite wisdom
were adapted and assumed as Hebraic
The book of proverbs chapters 15, 17, 20 & 22
are part of the plagiaristic mosaic.

Deliverance of man then took many forms
and the multiple beliefs of today were born.

A great leader between Melchizedek and Jesus
was of Egyptian and Semantic descent
Moses he was called and some of what he taught
has also been distorted to the present.

Christianity has also disfigured the truth
it's just had less time
but soon intelligence will unite our worlds beliefs
forming one God, and one Brotherhood combined.

And our compository of faiths
in chronological conference
Began with Hinduism, led to Judaism
and then Buddhism made its appearance.

Then the Taoist and Confucianism teaching
were spread to Zoroastrianism, Shinto and Jainism preaching.

Next came Christianity, then Islam in order of ascent
up to Sikhism, which is the most recent.

Many in between have come and gone
but it's the Faith in God in them all that lives on.

And as the Brahmin priests of India
and their hegemony hold fast
To this day it still languishes
in its inferior castes.

And it is truly sad that in deanthromophorizing Deity
They depersonalized God to their absolute satiety.

Hinduism survived because of lack of hierarchy
that could be disturbed or equated
Its changing conditions adopted many religious
when through Vishnu, Buddha and Christ it incarnated

And reincarnation, though totally distorted today
held salvation of eternity, in multiple personality array.

Le Bouddha (The Buddha) - by Odilon Redon

But modern man will eventually understand
his personality energy can only expand
His life continues after mortal death
and as himself he encompasses Divinity's breadth.


The Hebrew faith has progressed the most
from Polytheism, Henotheism to Monotheism
As Yahweh Himself, from the volcano of Sinai
acquiesced, to the Father of their religion.

And as they subordinated their lesser gods
they chose the best from their religious rivals
Morality from Egypt, theological thought from Babylon
and good will from the Iranian tribals.

In the sixth century before Christ a Spiritual phenomena occurred
And its energy permeated its truth through the word.

And a manifold enlightenment of Divinity
to LaoTse and Confucius, descended
While Siddahartha, Amenmope, and Zoroaster inferred it
Inkhanton and Moses comprehended.

But as usual it's these men, not their teachings
that are held in continued veneration
as they try their best to enlighten primitive man,
with love of God and fellow men comes exoneration.

As Guatama Siddhartha became the Buddha
though his teachings soon clouded in myth
when Buddhism left India and found expression in Asia
and it stands today as it is.

As for Christianity, it too was cult born
the Mithra's influence persists to this day
Combining ceremony, mother worship
and the altered date of Christ's birthday.

For the Mithra festival and yearly celebration
was none other than December 25
and their sacrament in mass, of flesh and blood
coalesced to our bread and wine forthwith.

They dipped fingers in holy water, baptized their youth
and designed their church alters the same
both had deliverers who brought them salvation
from original sin and mortal blame.

And Christianity won over Mithranity,
due to its inclusion of women
and the cult of the Mithra was thoroughly absorbed
when the Priesthood was given to the men.

Then there is Islam and its concept of Allah
who came from disassociation
of the ritualistic demands from Hebrew priests
and misunderstanding of Christianity's appellations.

Their selected fetish, a Black Stone cult in Mecca
appealed to these desert tribes
And the Kabba Stone became their symbol of worship
for it released ritualistic binds.

But Islam's promulgation of military force
and its degradation of women
Insults Allah, "The God who heals all"
as it teeters on religio-barbarianism.

This recapitulation, you must be aware
it is from my personal summation
And before you condemn you must seek to combine
all written theological variation.

I'll leave further exploration of religious belief
to the truth in the "Urantia Papers"
And when you're ready for personalization of God
its full substance is for you to savor.

But before I conclude my unending epic,
I must attempt some clarification of Jesus' life
For the combined substantiation of our Creator Son
in its present form cannot suffice.

Concerning the order of Creator Sons
and the reign of their sovereignty
a local universe is created by each and every one
and their free will reigns supreme.

But in their working creations, they had help indeed
from a vast repertoire of those in between
Each form the Sons' molded was approved by the Father
for the breath of life stems from no other.

And as dimension equates from the laws of Heaven
the levels down step from one to seven
One, the highest form in vibration
the seventh, the level of our creation.

And the plan is laid down, amelioration the basis
of conceptual pronouncement in descending stages.
As each level is synchronized and its vibration attunes
an experiential position its Creator assumes

For compassion and love are best understood
when experienced in the guise of brotherhood.

Then one by one our Creator "Jesus" bestowed
an existential formulation of what each level hones
Each time as a creature of the dimensional zone
feeling first hand, the life his seed had sown.

Our Creator Son, Jesus, "Michael of Nebadon"
incarnated on the Melchizedek world
Appearing as one of these created Sons
dutifully bound to their governing rule.

And of this Bestowal, none were apprised
that this consummate and loving brother
Was in fact their Creator, as he proceeded to excel
in the performance of this order.

In his second Bestowal this Son of God assumed
the position of a fallen System Sovereign
Valiantly reversing nefarious intent
while solving all administrative problems.

He recounted morality and love in this floundering constellation
and on relinquishing this governing position
The defaulting sovereign was compelled to conceive
of Michael's just and merciful tradition.

His third incarnation was as Planetary Prince
a Material Son of the realm
And He guided this world to its peaceful direction
for their "Adam and Eve" to take the helm.

For on every world of evolutionary will
the Violet Race must descend
To up step mortal man and to spiritually instill
that a child of God, awaits in all men.
His fourth Bestowal was of Angelic affiliation
all Seraphic duties He performed

And though the Angels knew, He was one of their kind
exactly who, they weren't officially informed.

But in all points as before, He was thoroughly tested
no personality can ever complain
For in all experience He was fully vested
and the Father's will, He always attained.

The fifth Incarnation was in the likeness
of an ascending pilgrim of time
A perfecting mortal in Uversa's academy
matriculating Morontia mota and philosophy combined.

And in the records, His spirit progression
superbly and steadily acquiesced
He was an exceptional student and in every aspect
He was unconditionally put to the test.

The sixth Bestowal of Michael of Nebadon
was a full fledged Morontial mortal
Starting exactly where we will begin
if we successfully survive death's portal.

Our success depends on acquiring the skill
to love one's brothers, and doing God's will
And as this Novitiate traversed the Morontia schools
His magna cum laude example, mastered all the rules.

All these Bestowals of every clime
took one billion years in our chronological time
The heavenly hosts, were then held in suspense
of the selected world of His final abeyance.

Shortly after the Adamic default,
Michael announced to the whole universe
That Earth He'd chosen, for His final Bestowal
and all advertence was then focused on our worth.

So last and least He became the creature man
the slowest vibration as minded energy stands
And as it was written, His mortal birth
took place on our little insignificant earth.

This final incarnation of our Creator Father
culminated in love as Creator-Brother
And Joshua Ben Joseph, his given name
became Jesus Christ as history explains.

But too often this history is glorified
to get the attention of man
And if the story is boring, more is contrived
then truth has lost its stand.

Again, truth is weightless, and though suppressed
will rise to the top when shaken in stress,
Being thus shook, I'll attempt to derive
fact from fiction, before your eyes.

The time of Christ's birth was a glorious age
for spiritual thinking, was in a revival stage

Greek refinement and soliloquy, had spread east and west
and the Jewish religion was strategically placed.

Civilization was heightened by the politics of Rome
combined with the morality the Hebrews had honed

The Greeks also provided language and culture
with a dash of philosophy strengthening its structure.
So a unified empire of three different states
prospered Occident and Orient through routes of trade
Not since that time was the commercial world free
1900 years later thereís still partial captivity.

But the Jews held the promise for their belief in Yahweh
as the God of all, was the basis of strong faith
And their superior attitude as the chosen few
did much to secure this accepted view.

But soon their attitude of righteousness and their mighty pride
obstructed their insight to materialistic strides

And the kingdom they were promised,
they could not understand
was the Kingdom of Heaven
and not of this land.

And their unwillingness to share Yahweh
as the God of all, held the seed of Jesus' rejection
For they could never accept a gentile God
without compromising tradition.

My intention is not further persecution
but the enlightenment, of spiritual retribution.
For in every religion the song of praise is the same
what causes confusion is the Deliverer's name

Point of view does not change destiny
but is alternative guidance, for all men to see.

The Gentiles of the period were philosophies combined
the Epicurean and Stoic were somewhat aligned
The Epicurean pursued happiness, the Stoic harmony
and both improved personal morality.

Christ and John the Baptist as Children - by François Boucher

The Cynics religio-philosophic democracy
said save yourself and meet death fearlessly
They preached simplicity and virtue of all
and were the pattern for the Epistles of Paul.

At last the Skeptics claimed all was impossible
and in this statement their end was probable.
Yet all were semi-religious, invigorating and ethical
but were usually above the common people

The Cynic came closest to
the path we must seek
and even made room
for the poor and the weak.

I must not overlook the cults of mystery
for they survived in parts up through modern history

The greatest of the cults still persist
in the superstitious beliefs of astrological rifts.

And the teachings of Jesus became a thorough admixture
with Paul's Antioch Christianity in the scriptures.


But it all began, with a visit from Gabriel
to Zacharias and Elizabeth's home
When He pronounced to her she would soon bear a son
and his name should be christened John.

He further decreed, John would turn many souls to God
and in doing so would lead the way
For the Divine Teacher, the Spirit Liberator
and this message, John would relay.

Gabriel also confided, that this Child of Promise
would be born of her kinswoman Mary
And Gabriel would also convey this glorious news
He alone was apprised to carry.

As Gabriel departed, Elizabeth was frightened
this majestic vision she could not reconcile
For five months she withheld it from Zacharias
until she was positive with child.

For many years they'd been without children
now Zacharias was overcome
As Elizabeth related the espial of Gabriel
and of the impending birth of their son.

Zacharias may have doubted, but she was with child
and he was shortly impressed by a dream
That assured his son of destiny would announce
the Child of Promise deemed.

Three months before Elizabeth's vision
in normal Jewish ceremonial rites
Mary and Joseph were married,
in March 8 BC becoming husband and wife.

And the fiction involved in the virginal conception
was based in the cult of the Mithra
For the Roman version, of Iranianís hero Mithras
was steeped in this plethora.


Then one evening at sundown
before Joseph was home
Gabriel appeared to Mary,
by a low table of stone.

The Visitation and Two Saints - by Piero di Cosimo

Saying, as she regained her composure
"I come of one who is my master, and whom you shall love and nurture."

Then he proceeded to say, her conception within
in Heaven, had been ordained
To her, a Child of Destiny would be born
and Joshua was to be his name.

He told of Joshua's inauguration
of the Kingdom of heaven on Earth
And asked her to speak not of this matter
excepting Joseph and Elizabeth of these words.

He related his visit to Elizabeth that her son John,
would prepare the way
Of the message of deliverance Joshua would bring
to Men of great power, and to all He'd proclaim.

Gabriel also expressed "doubt not my word,
this home has been chosen,
The Most Highs will strengthen you the Lord of all earth overshadow you
and you have my benediction."

For many weeks Mary pondered his words
secretly within her heart
And when she was certain she was with child
Gabriel's words to Joseph she'd impart.

Though Joseph's confidence in Mary was strong
he was greatly disturbed
Wondering how such things could be
till and impressive dream occurred.

A Celestial messenger assured Joseph,
his son would be the "Light of Mankind" through His life
Though His own people would reject Him "To as many as shall receive Him"
"The Children of God would be their right."
But in these visits Gabriel never insinuated
Jesus' becoming the deliverer of the Jews
Nor did He mention, He'd become a Messiah
as historical records have construed.

When Mary and Joseph had consigned themselves
to the truth of Gabriel's announcement
Mary hastily departed to discuss the event
with her similarly blessed kinswoman, Elizabeth.

On March 25, 7 BC, John the Baptist was born
and from his earliest infancy
He was judiciously impressed
of the spiritual acts he was to perform.

The soil of John's heart was ever responsive
to the sowing of his fathers seeds
His life of service is unequaled a fore and anon
naught conveys depth of faith and love in his deeds.

Only two events occurred, that were "supernatural"
in association with Jesus' birth
When Ardnon a Chaldean priest, via Midwayer, was foretold,
but Gabriel, to Elizabeth and Mary came first.

Most of the records of Jesus' life
were altered centuries after
And prophetic utterances found fallacious fulfillment
in the life of our Lord and Master.

Though it was many times a fore written that
a "Maiden" would bear a son
The scriptures were altered and virgin appeared
to heighten miraculous religion.

Adoration of the Shepherds - by Charles Le Brun

But Mary and Joseph were common people
though well educated for their period and place
They were both good teachers in adaptation and execution
he was strength, and she was grace.

And in the month of August, 7 BC
they departed for Bethlehem
For the census of Caesar, as he had decreed
to number the people of the Roman lands.

At least history held true on Jesus' place of birth in
a manger, behind the Bethlehem Inn
But the actual date was August 21,
the time was 12:00 noon.

The following day Joseph enrolled
and a well-to-do man he'd met
Offered them his room at the crowded inn
Joseph was quick to consent.

And Mary sent word to Elizabeth,
that Joshua Ben Joseph had come
Just six months after the birth of John
Gabriel's prophesy had begun.


It was Zacharias who happened upon
three wandering priests from Ur
And he pointed them to Bethlehem
With their frankincense and myrrh.

And they ended their search for the augural child
at the historic inn of their domicile.

Presentation in the Temple (left) - Fra Angelico

There was no star to guide them
just Ardnon's dream, of the Child of Light
But the legend grew, from an actual occurrence
which appeared on May 29.

For in the Pisces constellation was a phenomenal conjunction
of Saturn and Jupiter
Which happened again on September twenty ninth
and on the fifth of December.

Well meaning Zealots a generation later
ascribed this with the adoring Magi
To Jesusí birth on our now significant earth
as none could verify.

And as it was custom, as Moses had taught
in lieu of sacrifice
The first born son was presented for circumcision,
to a priest who was authorized.

Five shekels were paid to cover the cost
of the mock sacrifice of circumcision
Two pigeons were presented to purify Mary
from the uncleanness of births inclusion.


To Anna a poetess, and Simeon a singer
Zacharias' two closest friends
He'd confided of Joshua and the prophesy of his son
and on his words they would depend.

For this traditional ceremony
Anna wrote a hymn for the Child of Light
Simeon sang it proclaiming their testimony
of the Light in the Child, shining bright.

The Rest on the Flight to Egypt - by François Boucher

They sang, a kingdom He'd establish
"which you have prepared, for the face of all peoples
A light for even the unveiling of the Gentiles
and the Glory of your people Israel."

Both Mary and Joseph were over awed and confused
as they took leave of the temple in Jerusalem
Neither one spoke of this Messianic prophesy
as they silently walked back to Bethlehem.

But there were those who spoke all about this praise
for Herod had eyes everywhere
They informed him of this "king of the Jews"
and of the worshipping priests from Ur.

So Herod's search began, to find the Babe
whose kingdom was supposedly spiritual
But when a year had passed and the search had failed
his materialistic suspicions made him fearful.

He then sent forth a malicious decree to
aggrandize himself and his hedonistic breath
Pronouncing all male children, under two years of age
were to be swiftly put to death.

But Zacharias too, had eyes in Herod's court
who warned him of Herod's intent
And the night before the massacre took place
in secrecy to Egypt they went.

During the time in Alexandria, Mary and Joseph
developed differing views on Jesus' mission
Mary held fast to his temporal rule
while Joseph maintained his spiritual contentions.

For Mary's family had Maccabean influence
for a Davidic king with political rule
Joseph's lineage was the Babylonian view
of the Spiritual kingdom for the Jews.

It wasn't until after Jesus' death
did Mary and her family realize
That Joseph was right, it was the spiritual path
Jesus' life would emphasize.

But their separate beliefs in no way deterred
the rearing of this child of promise
If anything it augmented His educational berth
through the acquired wisdom, He continually admonished.


Jesus' life progressed quite uneventful
as a normal child of His day
Growing and learning the ways of man at home,
in school, at work, at play.

And I must interject, Jewish home life
was superior in all it upheld
All would benefit if we'd adopt its style
for family is the core of a civilized world!

As He approached thirteen, the age of Sonship
Jesus began to change
The questions he asked were many times
out of His parents range.

He was especially troubled at the massive slaughter
of helpless animals for "tradition"
He pitied His people in their moral ignorance
with their spiritually blind implications.

But always He followed parental direction
never disobeying or questioning authority
He was the consummate son of Jewish life
where parentage assumed majority.

When thirteen, the night before His first Passover ritual
appeared a messenger of Angelic likeness
Who relayed to the lad, "the hour has come
to be about your Father's business".

So the weight of the universe, of this Creator Son
was being slowly revealed
To the thinking mind of this mortal child
where His Divinity was concealed.

And the following day as Joseph tried to explain
the necessity of sacrificial appeasement
Jesus confronted him with His words of wisdom
to which His parents could not make a statement.

Jesus exclaimed; "No matter what unwise thing I do
you would never pour wrath, nor vent anger upon me
And the Heavenly Father cannot love me less than you
father, how can this be?"

If you my Father possess
such human reflections of the divine
How much more must the heavenly Father be filled
with overflowing mercy, than mine?

When Joseph and Mary heard these words
they never again questioned His thoughts
And it was in this inquiring method Jesus expressed
the lessons He continually taught.

They left many explanations of their Son's inquiries
to the answers of His Father above
And never again would they seek to change Jesus' mind,
on Gods mercy or love.


His first view of the temple, was a rude awakening
from what He'd expected and what He'd actually witnessed
Money changing and harlotry in His Father's house
was insulting and all too explicit.

He then determined in His mind
to change the bloody Passover traditions
For He knew His Father in Heaven was not pleased
by the sight of slaughter, for celebration.

But in many respects it was an eventful time
for He met people hailing from many lands
He understood He must travel, to further discern
the toil and the countenance of every man.

On the day of departure home to Nazareth
Jesus stopped to listen to one final sermon
Mary thought He was with the men when they left
Joseph believed He was with the women.

For Jesus had accompanied His mother
when at first the trip began
Mary assumed He'd return with the men
as He was now a "consecrated son" of the land.

It wasn't until they stopped for the evening,
His absence came to light
Needless to say neither one slept
as they spent a fearful night.
Jesus in the meantime, remained in the temple
throughout the entire day
Enjoying the quiet atmosphere
for the crowds had wended away.

In the evening, He went to Simon's home
a close friend of the family
He stayed with them, much to the delight
of Lazarus, Martha and young Mary.

For Simon's three children and Jesus
had become the closest of friends
All three loved Him, as one of their own
and followed Him to the end.

Jesus' second day with the temple scribes
proved quite an interesting scene
While in the aged teachers He evoked confusion
and He was barely a lad of thirteen.

But He evinced such a spirit of candid fairness
coupled with a hunger for knowledge
They were disposed to treat Him with consideration
for His inquiries never took advantage.

They were completely amazed at His scripture knowledge
and the fact that He spoke Greek and Hebrew
The crowds began to gather to hear the words
of this brilliant and unknown youth.

Four long days Mary and Joseph searched
never checking the temple sessions
They even had heard of a bold speaking youth
not associating their son and his mission.

Christ Among the Doctors - by Albrecht Dürer

But at last they heard this wondrous voice
to what their eyes beheld, they were startled
Jesus speaking to a group of Scribes
all enjoying the wisdom He imparted.

But His forlorn mother, now relieved of her grief
disrupted the entire conversation
Questioning His desertion, in an anxious voice
as any concerned mother would have done.

"Would you not expect to find me" He calmly expressed
"In my Father's house, for it's time to be about His business."

Then embracing them He further expressed
"none has done ought but what they thought best".

In silence they departed and from that day forth
He did all He could to conform
To the desire of His parents and their family ways
though in consent He was often torn.

As the years passed He increasingly measured
every institution and usage of religion
By an inquiring test, and the answers obtained
by three simply stated questions.

"What does it do for the human soul?" "
Does it bring man to God or God to man?"
And in his ascertainment of the answers
His decisions would stand


The crucial times of Jesusí life were
His fourteenth and fifteenth years
For His self consciousness of Divinity
and destiny were beginning to appear.
Mary and Joseph had begun to doubt
the destiny of their Son as a man
For although He was brilliant and loving
He was often too difficult for them to understand.

Many times Mary anticipated
His engagement of miraculous performance
For devoted followers always looked
for wonder working, in "men of promise".

Before his fifteenth year, tragedy came
Joseph accidentally died
The weight of His family, soon nine including Himself
to His youthful shoulders were applied.

This vigil He carried with wisdom and grace
never once did He complain
He raised them all as Father and Brother
while inside His Divine destiny remained.

As the years passed and He became a man
providing His family with love and support
But compared to the majority of the Nazareth homes
they would have been considered poor.

Yet always they were happy, for their family love
was more comforting than any riches
And upon the coming of His 28th year
He appointed James, head of the family business.

He proceeded to travel for the following years
with a merchant from India and his son
And in all the lands Jesus happened to visit
His identity was never known.

Mt. Hermon

He then acquainted himself with the ways
of the men of the civilized world
Ever augmenting His understanding
of their lives and personal toil.

At the end of His sojourn of travel
and during six weeks on Mt. Herman in meditation
He communed with His Father over Universe affairs
and became triumphant, over mortal manifestation.

He was completely assured of his ascendancy
from His human to His Divine nature
And He confronted Lucifer and vanquished His intent
before making His departure.

All the symbolism of this recorded event
was for backward ages, of the worlds childlike thought
And subsequent generations should understand
the Salvation His personal victory brought.

For to all the proposals of Lucifer and Satan
His reply was the same one
"May the will of my Father
in Paradise be done!"

It was then late in August AD 25
when he proceeded to Capernaum
To await the time he must depart again
"when His hour had come".

As the days passed, rumors came of one John,
baptizing penitents in the Jordan
Preaching the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand
as he made his way to Jerusalem.

The Triptych of Jean Des Trompes - Gerard David

When John reached Pella, the following year
his reputation and following were growing
And Zebedees' sons had attended his ministry to inform Jesus
of the success John's salvation was showing.

On January thirteenth, Jesus laid down His tools
telling James and Jude, "His hour had come"
He gathered them up and removed His apron
and said, "come let us go to John".

When John saw Jesus, the Baptisms were halted
he then greeted his cousin in surprise
Inquiring why Jesus had come into the water
and Jesus responded, "to be baptized".

John was atremble, as he conveyed
I should be baptized by you, if its done
Then Jesus whispered, Bear with Me now
for all must know "My hour has come".

Thus did John, baptize Jesus and his brothers James and Jude
In the River Jordan on January 14, 26 AD at noon.

John told all the others, he was through for the day
and as the crowds took leave
An apparition and a voice came over Jesus' head saying,
"This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."

A change came over the countenance of Jesus
as He walked slowly from the water
And John recounted aloud, Gabriel's prophesy
that he had many times heard from his mother.

Jesus spoke not a word
going towards the hills in the east
But John was certain He was the deliverer
of the kingdom of spiritual peace.

For the forty days that Jesus was away
John forbade His search to go on
Saying "our times are in the hands of God
He will direct His chosen Son."

On the forty-second day Jesus returned
and John stood upon a rock and declared
"Behold, the Son of God,
the deliverer of the world has appeared."

He and John partook breakfast together
and Jesus, to his inquiries said at last
"My Father will guide you, now and in the future
as He has done in the past.

As they parted, it would be their last
for John was near the end of his mission
And there's never been a more faithful believer
than John The Baptist, as he died tragically in prison.


As to the further story of the Life of Christ
it has been written many times
And though many discrepancies have found their way
in its portrayal will suffice.

But it is not what He did, nor how He did it
that must be clarified
It's what He said and tried to proclaim
that must be comprehended and applied.

The brotherhood of man, and the Fatherhood of God
was the essence and revelation of His mission
And we must open our ears and also our hearts
for it is time for us all to listen.
To the many times Jesus tried to relay
successive expansion of the soul
That re-incarnation was as one's self as spirit
not of flesh and blood retold.

That our individual immortality is found
in brotherly love and service
And through all the tribulations of this material realm
our faith must be impervious.

So all religious scripture, must now be re-defined
as man's spiritual understanding has expanded with time.

Science has proven energy theory
the facts of its expansion and breadth of action
The strength contained in its purity of force
and the power of its exaction.

For all you witness in this visible world
created by man you will find
before it took shape it was conceived
in manís material mind.

So take one step further in mortal creation
and all forms of energy
It's not hard to find, GOD IS MIND
and He conceived all, before it could be.


Now modern man, will soon understand
Jesus' life was purity in example
And that is what should be copied and taught
in every church, every mosque and every temple.

That the daily application of brotherly love
is accepting a difference of opinion
And though all men are the same, perspective must vary
for God in each man, is a personal communion.
And though I would love to recount all of Jesus' life
I could never justify its depth
And rather than rewriting what many have tried
it is here I will suggest

The consummate story of the Son of God and life
in the Urantia Book is expressed
And if you sincerely seek the truth
its portrayal is unsurpassed.


All above and below, in this continuous verse
is but my personal understanding
And I'm just a student of experiential matriculation
seeking a spiritual standing.

All these words have but mapped my way
to the essence within my own being
And as I look at the world and discern your face
it God's quintessence in you I'm seeing.

What a glorious place this earth will become
when all men find His presence, in each and every one
It is an ultimate probability for it already exists
in other worlds of evolution and our dimensional rifts.

For time can't be lost and its space can't be found
and to each dimension, nothing is bound
For every thing is nothing, and no thing is repressed
where all are contained, and all manifest.

So to sum it up to some of you
here comes the end and the beginning
If you've gotten this far, you've opened the door
and spiritual curiosity is winning.
For in the energy graveyards of our antiquity
lie the dreams that made today
And forgotten eras of tomorrows past
must now provide the way.

In all mankind, a genius awaits
for the knowledge we only need ask
Our arriving conclusions will lighten delusions
and remove from our memory the mask.

For the face of time is yours and mine
yet we seem confused by the sight
That our many are few, and what is old is new
as we stumble from wrong to right.

Although infinity will be, as an eternity must pass
for ideas to wither in space
If man forgets history he begins his demise
and leaves for his sons not a trace.

For the earthshaking stories of twice told tales
are there for all to hear
The shadowed descriptions, cast by a sound
say more than what meets the ear.

Still the ancients schemed in flying things
and ruled afar from a cloud
But because no one tries to question the cries
the truth remains lost in the crowd.

With the destiny of man, it's missing again
cloaked by a veil of time
Disguised as a myth, it has left us with
a puzzling answer to find.

Separation of Dark from Light
Michangelo - Sistine Chapel

So take this to heart and open the door
to worlds beyond ours, suspected once more

All will clear, life and its reason
and why we had missed it before
While uncovering the theory, we passed it by
looking for something more.

It began they say, in the lividity of time
when the Hallowed Propagation could not be confined
Involution was inevitable, the Deity proclaimed
for all must go forth, to return again.

Then amongst the hiatus, came 'Elan Vital
with amelioration the plan
Thus the first piece was laid on the inception that's made
a puzzle in the making of man.

From the DNA of liquid and loam
the beginning was small yet vast
The objective united, was a fore decided
all knew, none had to ask.

As flora and fauna energy experienced life
all progress was inwardly felt
Many worlds were given to aid the pursuit
and the obstacles were evenly dealt.

At last came man and his single soul
capable of emanating reason
When approached with reality it enticed him to know
the wherewithal of time and its seasons.

But as centuries passed and man evolved
his insight became outwardly turned
And soon all forgot, what they'd been taught
while searching for those who had learned.

The Fall of the Rebel Angels - by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

But man searches in vain, for the things he'll find
can only be found in his realm of time
He can go no further than his vision will allow
and his teachings get lost in his words somehow.

For in this world of visible means
man only acknowledges what he sees
He hears only words, not what they say
as he wants only possessions that fade away.

Yet the riches that await are in his soul
he only need ask and it will unfold.
It has been written, it has been said
it's before him now in all he has read

In all that he worships, in all that he is
in all that is everything is everything that is...

We must look beyond scripture and etchings in stone
and combine all religions man has known
For God and man are inevitably one
and from this belief only, will unification come.

Still, the winds of time must mold each soul
though the minds of most men refuse to be told
Of knowledge once given and known to all
then discarded by Angles on their downfall.

Their fall to earth and its visible means
their fall from grace to all extremes
Yet what was the beginning, must be the end
we form the middle as we comprehend.

To comprehend we must ask why
and to accomplish truth we only need try.

I'm sure you ask, why a riddled decree
I must answer as it comes to me
For simplicity is the general rule
but man's complex mind is the only tool.

There is where the problem lies
for he only sees what's before his eyes
He cannot see what is really real
as he relies on touch, to exemplify feel.

To come right out and explain his reason
Has been tried many times then tried as treason.
In looking without he was blinded within
and covered his eyes with a mask of sin

Sin he created and perfected through greed
with envy the beginning of his evil seed.

Then the succession began from benign to absurd
and each reign of authority was less assured
All hints of God and his sons in man
were hidden from most across the land.

Only a few were privileged to know
from whence man came and where he must go
They abused this knowledge for personal gain
with pleasure and destruction their only aim.

But their tunnel vision and their power climb
proved them the victims of their crimes
And the knowledge they so cleverly hid
consumed them all with the evil they bid.

Then lowly man was left to discover
his fate now his own, he must uncover.

So the words I write are not for all
but are certainly for free
Any questions asked, can be answered here
for any and all to see.

It was also written, ask, receive
seek and ye shall find
Desire knowledge in heart and soul
and truth is yours to find.

So How many times will we ask for the truth
before we believe the words that ensue.
If not for greed and demand for power
history would prove this our golden hour

But man, stupid man, in his quest for gain
burned his inception and his need to explain.
When the words of scholars disagreed with sovereigns
all were destroyed, to eliminate problems

And greedy man continued his quest
distorting truth so he could possess
Control of this world, its people, its gold
taking with him all he could hold.

But alas, he found in his relentless spree
he could never capture immortality
And with the end of his imposing strife
came the end of his pitiful life.

And all he amassed was passed along
to the next fool in line that time marched upon.

But in times succession knowledge returns
with enlightened souls, to help man learn
That the greatest possession is not of this earth
and to reach this goal takes many spiritual births.

The Pleiades

And with each level comes a lesson his soul must learn
And when knowledge is his, to God he'll return.

But until he seeks to control greed and lust
all harmony will fail
And his possessions continue to turn to dust
and the winds of confusion prevail.

Still scientific knowledge is a fact in itself
and man in finding it, must have had help
For many times it appeared through the ages
not from cause, but intervention from sages.

The Mayan legend, the Popul Vuh
tells of the Gods and all they knew
And as Eskimos spoke of metal birds
the Incas pointed to distant worlds.

The Pleiades, home of the Gods
of stone faced statues and their silent nods
Of innumerable accounts of those from the stars
of how they appeared, who they are.

As recorded in history around the globe
these accounts of phenomena must be retold
They all can't be lying, there is too much proof
the Bible, Cabala, Quran, Mahabharata of truth.

They all speak of glory, destruction and sin
of rockets of fire with a tremendous din
Yet today as before, man refuses to believe
what is before him, if he doesn't agree.


As Ezekiel said of the son of man
"He dwells in a rebellious house
His eyes do not see, his ears do not hear"
he will not give in, or out.

But at least foresight on occasion was his
as he gathered his knowledge, and in caves it was hid
The scrolls of Qumran, and the "Judicious One
he has addressed to all sons of the dawn".

To partake in history and future plans
to continue wisdom, to continue man.

From a footprint in Nevada, preserved in coal
that points to a man half a million years old
And what's more alarming and amazingly true
was that this man was wearing a shoe.

And across the world in the Gobi desert
another ribbed sole appears
As he looked at his future, did this man suspect time,
in millions of years?

Would he be awed, or even amused,
to see how far we've come
Or should I say would we be shocked
at how far we've come... and gone.

Come into knowledge and gone astray
finding truth, to hide it away.
We'd all be stunned if we only knew
material aims, fosters fools.

Spiritual knowledge is what man should gather
if truth is the fruit he exists to savor.
And as we argue over the opinionated
we loose sight of why we were created

Whether evolution or creation is immaterial
for both are correct, as time is ethereal.
As each suspicion proves to be fact
man must adjust or forever be trapped

Trapped in his revolving greed
with death the only way to proceed.
To proceed to what he assumes is heaven
the answer to life and why it was given

And why the answer he must unwind
to strengthen the free will he hides behind.

But as always, there is a catch
his heart is the key, but his mind is the latch
And only when they work together
will they conquer the evil man choose to tether.

For all his horrors, all his fears
he created through the years
But he still has the power to relinquish the hold
of the misery that keeps him out of control.

United desire, for love and peace
is the only way for disunity to cease
For hatred binds us to pain and disgust
and leaves no room for love and trust.

Creation of Man
Michangelo - Sistine Chapel

And trust, man will eventually discover
will eliminate the distance between his brother
And when their thoughts and desires blend
disharmony and evil will come to an end.

Then many worlds will come into view
and man will remember all he knew
That God and man are the same entity
and all life sprouts from a single seed.

As it grows its beauty will enhance
the music of the spheres, with its mystical dance
And beyond this earth the culmination awaits
the hearts of the pure, encompassed in grace.

These words are just maps that pointed my way
as the words of tomorrow, point from today
And from today, tomorrow is torn
from tomorrow, a future is born.

Born from God... Born from man...
Born to life... Borne in hand...

And although these lines may seem to end
this is where the story begins...
As this life departs, and this soul ascends
all beyond we will comprehend

For this form of existence is the hardest to teach
That you must let go...in order to reach...

To touch creation, to consummate all
to become the essence of LOVE...

Suzanne Marie Kelly
© ;1992-2023


In all existence - there is Divine Energy
The Spark of our inception from its source - Divinity
From Divinity there is creation
From Thought Alone!

Thoughts create Energy...
Energy creates mass...
Mass creates reality...

In each life there is a spark of GOD
Awaiting discovery

And in all life there is E N E R G Y,
(The heredity of Divinity that permeates all living things)

When energy reaches a certain vibration Humanity,
Or (recognition of Freewill) becomes intelligence.

Then, as intelligence (we) form our own energy
Through freewill, that energy becomes negative or positive
and then, just like a magnet, (we) attract the (good or bad)
Energy i.e. "We reap what we sow"

As humanity we are individualized living energy cells
Each one of us has a "Divine" frequency all our own

Through various material experiences
Or sojourns in successive spirit evolution
We continue expanding (in search of spirituality)

Or, evolving continuously
And as our Energy expands, so will the awareness
Of our Divine roots (the side effect of intelligence)

And when this happens,
If our Freewill chooses
We will begin the true search,
The search for the Divine within ourselves
For as it is written "GOD will meet us in our temple"
The temple of our heart and soul.
Therefore when we realize that we are the Energy of GOD
And that we emit or create Energy, (good or bad)
When we choose good
We evolve in intelligence and in Spirituality.

Inevitably we will recognize
If we choose good
That everything
Is a part of GOD...
I.E. Religion, Science, Philosophy, Love, Art, ETC...
Each is but a quest to discover our inception
Albeit opinionated
It is still the quest.

And that is why we are here, To Seek, To Find, To Become...
Not To Define!

Our guides have been the Bible, the Cabala, the Mahabharata,
The Quran, The Urantia Papers, etc...
They all tell us to be as our Father... Be Goodness, Be LOVE,
Become Perfection.

Become - enlightened, reborn, spiritual, creators in our own Divine right...
But we still keep trying to define, instead of doing...
And progress becomes lost in the "Ritual Circle"

In ritual, simplicity is overshadowed when simply...
All you have to do is believe...
Ask and you shall receive...

Wherein lies the "Positive thinking embryo"
You create what you want, you find what you seek
The ultimate search being our relation to "God"
And the consummation of, Inception through Freewill...
To Choose To Do The Will Of God.

What these words convey here is the essence of all the teachings
that have ever been written, spoken or implied on existence...

What has happened to the truth was FREEWILL
Freewill that must be conquered by choice,
By recognition... and by total LOVE.

The ultimate truth is that when we finally understand we are all an integral part of "GOD" and we
create what we encounter in our sojourns through the experiential materiality of this earth
frequency, we will stop (if our freewill chooses) creating Negative or (bad) Energy.

How can we be less than "Our Father" when we discover HE is in each of us?

As individuals we create our own Heaven and Hell, when we die or leave this physical school,
archaically speaking, what awaits us is the goodness we lived in or the hell we created.

For we cannot even comprehend "Heaven" in our present form, we are seven levels of evolution
away from the ultimate destiny of our being.

In this school of earth, we are the victims of our crimes or the recipient of our rewards. This
earth being the first school and our intelligence (recognition and application of Love and
Goodness) determines our next grade in the school of Spiritual Understanding.

But what is paramount in life is just
The Experience Of Life
Albeit in its thinnest form of intelligent Energy.
The ultimate goal cannot be fully comprehended by our form of existence.

So, As the Son, of the Son, of GOD, "Jesus", tried to explain...

The Consciousness we must strive for was the CHRIST Consciousness
And in that was the simple explanation... God is Love, God is Good
And we MUST through our own Freewill, do as our Heavenly Father,
To finally experience his presence in infinity
To become the eternal, immortal personality that we cultivate on this plane of visible means.

When everyone stops being bad, and thinking bad, BAD will cease to exist!
Evil exists because we believe it does and the belief itself creates the Energy needed to become
mass, to become the reality that is witnessed...

The "New Age" that has been laughed at and misunderstood is inevitable, because we can only
become more... nothing can be less.
Once we know, we can never "not know"
And once we know, we must choose,
(Ignorance is bliss)
For knowledge equates responsibility,
Responsibility is the parent of Freewill
Once Freewill has been recognized and established
Goodness is the Child
If there is no Child... There can be no Personality
If personality chooses not to exist
Non-existence is annihilation -By Our Own Choice!

Not doing the Father's Will, (Goodness, Love of One's Brother)
Is choosing
Not to progress, to choose not to progress Is to choose not to continue
If you do not continue, you cannot be

For what never will be Never Was
And What is Will always Be!

In that, there is much knowledge awaiting mankind's discovery. The knowledge of being and
Spirit. If he does not seek this information he will be forever trapped or cornered in this earth
plane, by his self inflicted boundaries. What awaits him is his "Undiscovered Self". His
Immortal Self stepping beyond this mortal flesh.

All exploration he has done thus far has been an effort to discover himself, and the wherewithal
of his Faith.

Maybe his fear of his discovery, that he is a part of All That Is,
Threatens his individuality
This he must never fear, for his individuality will always be
It can only expand...

Expansion is the only way, for each experience adds to what is,
No experience can take away!
There are no negatives in that respect
Nothing "Pure" or good can be lost...

Man's discovery must be in remembering
He is aware of all, He is as vast as all space, He is all space
And He is Himself Eternally.
The fears he has are his creation,
The conquering of these fears
Are to be his Accomplishments...

Suzanne Marie Kelly

Copyright © 1992-2023 Suzanne M. Kelly, MS Member Of