Elán Vital, the Vital Life the
Cause of the UN-Caused Cause
Ushers forth the conceptual realms
of Is, Will-be and Was.

The Absolute, Great Spirit, First Source and Center,
Yahweh, Allah, God....
His many names have been spoken and entered
in the worldly theologues.

Yet no matter who calls Him we must understand
all life is from the same Creator
And regardless of the nescience of any man
He is the primal collaborator.

But finite mind will never comprehend
the monumental existence he experiences in man.

Or our "Father Fragment" a gift of Himself
bestowed in all of His children
To guide us to "Heaven" if we choose
to immortality from spiritual pilgrims.

For the recognition of the Infinite by the finite mind
is a philosophical marvel of the "faith grasp" kind
Though His total comprehension is purely based
on individual capacity to pursue His place.

So stop for a moment and try to see
all beings and things are forms of Energy
This fact of science cannot be denied
the more perspicacity acquired we'll recognize.

It all started somewhere, but was not quirk or mistake
for He not only evinced all, in all He partakes.
Yet this unfathomable mystery, the phenomena of God
indwelling the minds of men
Is most profound in the mortal façade
when you actually seek Him.

In every being, inherent of mind
is a fragment of God, for all to find
That is the "Image" from which we are cast
not in physical likeness, for physiology is vast.

So as ignorance dies we will all recognize
we are brothers regardless of color
And when we all work together suffering will end
for compassion is Peace's ultimate mother.

As God in His glory created man with ears
it is quite certain, He can also hear
So listen acutely, and as he speaks you'll be surprised
when you also observe God looking through your eyes.

For His mortal abode in each man is the part
where love deeply rests, the temple of heart
So look not outward for his Majestic Grace
but in the hearts of His children, recognize His face

Then once you acknowledge He abides in you
others will detect, He's part of them too.


Cal Feldman Self Distribution of the First Source and Center

Now, what I'll attempt to relay may boggle your mind
or if you are fortunate, stop the hands of time
For as God descended in every form
millions of worlds for Ascension were born.

And man must accept his energy summation
is seven levels away from infinite consummation

For energy expands and expansion is law
where intelligence will quicken eliminating flaws
Only that energy which is pure, survives
and freewill is the catalyst that exhumes or defies.

For in the beginning of the endless past
the First Father inaugurated a policy
To dissociate His infinite will
from the limitation of primacy.

In His selfless and loving nature, our Creator's elocution
Witnessed the inevitable profound self-distribution.
And from personality absolutism He allowed His escape
Through the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit the Trinity embrace.

Three original, co-ordinate, co-existent personalities
God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit, in formality
This threefold personality postulates multiple completeness
of volitional liberation in Deity repleteness.

All parts of Himself that could be divested
He bestowed to creators and creatures
He gave all attributes, every way, every place
every age in every universe feature.

And as mortals may ascend to His spiritual homes
there are beings that create and facilitate those abodes
They who conceived us and guide us above
the perfection of creativity and proliferating love.
For as universe foundation is material,
the essence of life is Spirit, Ethereal
Matter and energy are diverse, yet the same
both are inherent in the Absolutes frame.

And as our scientists discover a new energy pattern
physicists will be close to the mystery of matter
But try as they must, they will never impart
the flash of life, the Spirit of heart

For life is the prerogative of the Universal Father
and the Son's of His First Son created our brothers.
So succession expands, involution disguised
as energy proceeds in a circular guise

And as the Power Directors form energy to matter
material worlds are born
Eternal vibrations will ever respond
to their embracing infinite form.

Here, the paucity of language cannot convey
the tri-concentric zones
That meld the 7 energy forces
of all that is seen and known.

Absoluta; space potency, unquestioning free space presence
of the Unqualified Absolute
Is out of our grasp and responsive only
to the nether side of truth.

Segregata; primordial forces activated next
is responsive resistance from force masterís effects.

Ultimata; emergent, puissant, gravitational collectively
one prepares the other for sublime subjectivity.

Gravita; the source of universal power which the Sevenfold manipulates
the organizational habitats where time space equates.

Triata; expands as we traverse inward
triunity pervades its source
Evolutionary cycles seemingly turn on themselves
energy power to force.

Transota; is absolute, out of our realm
in paradise only is this transcendental helm

Monota; the ultimate living energy matter
the nature and spirit of the Paradise Father.

Although they are listed, comprehension is minimal
not unlike Divinity, Infinitesimal.

Though science will eventually understand
the ten divisions of matter
Even in division, separation will blend
to form the expanse of the latter;

Ultimatonic; the electrons mother
Subelectronic; solar supergasses brother

Electronic matter; material differentiation,
Precedes - Subatomic; of our suns affirmation

Shattered atoms; cooling suns in space,
Are followed by - Ionized; matter x-rayed

Atomic matter; in chemical stage
Paves the way of the - Stable; molecular phase

Radioactive; spawns matter dis-organized
and at last is - Collapsed; as a great sun dies.

So light, heat, electricity
magnetism, chemism, energy
They form the basis of past, present, future
as the core of existential aperture.

Galaxy, Super Nova picture

And try as we will in sciences depth
we will never dissect the Life in God's breath
For the salient magnitude of God's creative force
far surpasses man's ability of source.

Imagination cannot even grasp
the grandeur of exaction
And the perfection of both action and might
to the tiniest fraction.

For if mass of matter magnifies
an electron to 1/10th of an ounce
The volume thus intensified
would hold the earth in its house.

And if its heavier proton fit the head of a pin
Its circumference would encompass earth's orbital spin.

So minuscule man must accept
the Omnipotence of Source
And understand he is but one tiny speck
in the multitudinous energy force.

For as atoms contain electrons of 100
they segregate as they spin
In the center are 30, observed as one
then 30 more their next of kin

30 others form the 3rd energy zone
held in a definite orbit
10 remain as a dignified lot
and mother nucleus allows them to exit.

And as atoms proceed the first 27
we are able to comprehend
But in 26 more predictability wanes
and the Unqualified Absolute extends.

For atoms are likened to persons
predictability in groups
But statistics tend to lose their grip
when one is on the loose.

So the positive of pro's and the negative of neut's
become cohesive from the Meso's
And to and fro they are bandied about
both held in check by this pathos.

And atomic cohesion, its parody
lies in wait as scientists will see
As mesotrons ride the rays of space
microcosmic discovery paints infinity's face.

Yet in all these embroiling forces we find
the separate consummation of undecipherable mind
For mind in its ability to conceive
creates, designs, sends and receives.

In universal mechanisms, mind abounds
and its total observations
Are held in scope by the ability of
the capacity of investigation.

The evolution of mechanisms indicates and implies
concealed presence, dominance of creative mind
And as mortal intellect devises and creates
man's intelligence progresses to spiritual states.

For spirit is the architect, the builder, the mind,
the body ,the edifice, where these two reside.

And spirit awakens imaginative reality
reflecting parts of time-space totality
For in mortal man, his mind is the key
of freewill submission to a spiritual lead.

And spirit acquiesces to whence it came
in choice, personality ascends to its infinite name.

The preceding is but the inception of
purposive existential summation
For naught was conceived by accident or chance
in the parley of Divine procreation.

So Omniscience continues, precise yin and yang
quite the opposite of our scientists "big bang"
And the confusion in astronomy of our galaxy's expansion
is a simple explanation of spiritual dimension.

Seven super-universes are contained in the plan
from the stationary center to the 7 elliptical bands.

In our 7th Universe's first outer space dimension,
patterned motion begins
And the counter clockwise gyration
makes this level spin.

The second outer level of Divinity descending
in clockwise motion is bending.

Then out to the third, you guessed its reversed
its counter-clockwise motion is completely rehearsed.

And in observation from our planet station
the viewed expansion of our astronomist's thinking
Is the spatial orbits in their patterned repose
which in 150,000 billion years, will appear to be shrinking.

For pattern is found even in space dimension
all according to the celestial plan
From the organized rotation of the spiritual realms
to the orbital habitat of man.

The Grand Universe
By Gary Tonge


I must now interject, only ignorance assumes
we are the only ones
That exist in spite of our egotistical faults
in the light of 10 billion suns.

Now the question may be posed, if this earth is but one
of the many spheres, where the mortal race is run?
How many more worlds of human life
exist in our galaxy in or out of our strife?

The answer in proximity, of mortal spheres in tact
that revolve in this system, 619 planets to be exact.
Configuration varies, in many bi-pedal forms
but in the love of Divinity, we are all adorned.

Yet the complete number for evolutionary creation
total 1000 planets in each system of nations.
But the grandeur protracts to a grander scale
For 100 systems in each constellation are hailed.

Our local universe a speck in the Milky Way
Holds 100 constellations in its spatial array
And 100 locals form a minor sector
to find 100 minors in a major conjecture.

With 10 of the majors, as the rhymes in this verse
contained in the orbit of this Grand Universe.

Each Grand Universe, seven their number
is the dimensional traversement of God the Sevenfold's wonder.

And the many "lives" to which we each adhere
are experienced as SELF and begins right here
For energy expands, frequency purifies
and man ascends through each level, as his purity complies.

And our "past life" confusion has elemental basis
as pattern repeats energy "frequency" in 27 stages
So heredity follows and in each being is stored
an ancestral shadow of "energy lore"

And although it may seem we lived their lives too
in reality they have only loaned us their shoes.
In its energy recognition our psychics see
the vibrational lives of our ancestral tree

And the quest of our frequency is to harmonize
the perfect tone of Divinity in our physical lives.

And this tone will be played again and again
with freewill personality, on the bridge of infusion
Utilizing all past symphonic blends
tuning intelligent goodness, in its inclusion.

Now you might ask, what of effect and cause
of karmic retribution and its circular laws?
As it was written, what you sow, you reap
all action of your frequency is yours to keep.

For energy absorption is the law of expansion
as thought, word and deed, build the walls of soul mansions
And these mansions aren't found on this visible sphere
570 Morontial schools help them appear.

For with each test of this life, we gain spiritual material
that manifests the reality of life ethereal
So again in redundancy I must emphasize choice
as freewill is the speaker of our infinite voice.

So in the law of expanded reality
you must clearly understand
Only that which is pure withstands immortality
what is not, is consumed by its plan.

Andon was the first to cultivate fire
as he was chipping from flint, a weapon
And this discovery secured their supremacy
in all that would eventually happen.

The Andonic race of aborigines flourished
for thirty generations
But soon rivalry appeared, and the clans dispersed
segregating family relations.

From Mesopotamia, they spread westward to France
where they lived on the banks of the Somme river
And today by chance their evidence remains
for the finding of our archaeological endeavors.

The Andonite leader, Onagar by name,
was the first to find God recognition
And to all he proclaimed the Supreme Breath Giver
was deserved of worshipful tradition.

And if we dated, this very first priest
chronologically speaking itís 985,263 BC.

The geological formation of the earth at that time
allowed their mass migration
To the "Foxhall Man" of English clime
and the "Java Man's" visitation.

As the glaciers receded to the north they would go
evolving eventually the ancestor Eskimo

And in Northern India, in the Siwilak Hills
are found remains of "Badonan Man"
The superior forerunner to the tribe we know
as progenitor of Neanderthal Man.

Indians Hunting Buffalo by Charles M. Russell 1894
Sid Richardson Collection

And again I will spare you at least 20 pages
that would ensue, if I explained the ice ages.
So now jumping forward to pigmented fact
I'll attempt to describe how the 6 races were begat.

Somewhere around 500,000 BC
an anomalous incident occurred
In the northwestern highlands of India
the Sangik family appeared.

The most intelligent descendants of the Andonite clan
were about to give birth to the colors of man
From one man and woman came 19 offspring
whose skin in sunlight, did a very strange thing.

The first five turned red, then two orange and four yellow
Followed by two green, four blue and two indigo.

And when full grown and mated in their offspring was apparent
The dominating color from the pigmented parent.
And with this fact alone there is needed no other
to prove that all humans, are sisters and brothers.

Though in a normal evolutionary clime
they are usually dispersed and over periods of time
Yet the color arrangement stays the same
it is the law of pigmentation and its mandate remains.

But this experimental planet has no normal origins
so why should it normalize color disbursement of skin.

The oldest, the Red man, grew quite adept
in their governing castes, with monogamous precepts
But their governed tribes to some extent
were oftentimes torn in disagreement.

And their greatest invention of ages ago
was the design and usage of the arrow and bow.
But from their tendency to argue they were driven out by the others
Pushed by their younger more peaceful yellow brothers.
Across the Bearing Land Bridge before it descended
into the Americas, the Red man ascended
And there they multiplied, but their warring nature
separated the clans of their roaming culture.

Yet, a great Chief among them brought some peace to their nations
as he began to spiritually define,
The created unity in their family relations
and their glorious bloodline.

The "Great Spirit" was the name of the Red man's Father
He was the bringer of hope, to all Red man brothers
This aged Chief, Onamonalonton, was 96 when he died
his direct descendants are of the Blackfoot tribe.

Races Poster by Saskia Raevouri

One endeavor of the Nodite descendants
in the "Tower of Babel" is veiled
While trying to idolize their culture and might
they ultimately and vaingloriously failed.

Tower of Babel - Bruegel

Bablot, the architect had a glorious plan
to preserve the Nodite ancestry
A pretentious temple, which he designed,
would sustain their superiority in history.

But being Nodites, they couldn't agree
on how the completed structure would be used
And after four years of building, tempers flared
and murderous fighting ensued.

Needless to say construction was delayed
the infamous "Tower of Babel" was halted
And it suffered the fate, of its pretentious
weight along with those it exalted.

Suzanne Marie Kelly

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