When the love in your life brings uneasiness and sorrow
And the future is a place lost in tomorrow
Don't choose to remain crowded in the pain of doubt
If you found a way in, you can find a way out.

The first step is strength it's the toughest one to take
The second is acceptance and this one you must make
The third step is believing, the fourth step leads you through
The heartache and confusion that's become a part of you.

Then the weight of this uncertainty you've piled up along the way
Will fall behind with memories as good things come your way
But unless you try to reach them they remain just out of view
And all that will remain is a sad and lonely you.

So trust these words and comfort you will find
In knowing you chose hope and left misery behind
For hope can't be abandoned it's the spark within our soul
A gift that God gave us all in which heaven can unfold.

Copyright © 1992-2023 Suzanne M Kelly