Who are we to be in this world?
Where are we to go?
A life in my hands beside my own
And only my love to show.

I want to give him all I can
And save him from pain and sorrow
But the feelings I have seem clouded each day
And lost in the thoughts of tomorrow.

Lord please help this child I've thrown into being
Guide me in doing what's best
For all I can show him are the ways of the world
Alone he must pass life's test.

He must see the goodness in spite of the bad
I must help in his search for the truth
With the kindness and wisdom he'll know with age
If captured with only his youth.

Let the love I give him light his way
Help him find in me a friend
That will guide him forward in the things that will be
And find in himself a man.

Suzanne M. Kelly

Copyright © 1992-2023 Suzanne M Kelly