After All

Before each existence we map the way of the things that will come to be
And the reasons for each experience are held in our destiny.

Our destiny we must understand is a part of every Soul
And with each chapter a life endures the mystery will unfold.

As a child must leave his mothers womb to search for life's embrace
A soul must leave its mortal shell to find its immortal place.

For this life is but a dimensional dream that our greater self explores
And its lessons, loves and trials are explained behind its door.

But how can the words of a friend who does not face the door
Calm the fears of another as they stand before?

Yet these words are not unfounded, this threshold I've crossed many times
And the memories of my soul calm the wanderings of my mind.

Because fear can never block our way, fear cannot stand alone
It's but a vapor man creates, release it and it will be gone.

For just beyond this vapor wisdom and knowledge begin
And life continues beyond this realm, where our destiny expands.

So calm your mind and all will clear your greater self will explain
That life never ends, love only expands, and all that is you will remain!

Suzanne M. Kelly

Copyright © 1992-2023 Suzanne M Kelly