Take a journey on the wings of your mind
Convey your thoughts to your soul
Seek the radient orchards of time
And learn of adventures yet untold

Become a prince in the tide of a myth
Mingle with wizards and lords
Unfold a tapestry of wonder and wisdom
And gather all riches your mind can absorb

Then drift through unseasoned thresholds
Let mystical dreams float in rhyme
Enshouldered by darkness yet light you'll see
In formations of figures separate from time

As you sway lightly forward on butterflies wings
And encounter illusions of love
Illuminating feelings will pass through your soul
And send you soaring above.

You know what your feeling
When you see what you've found in this non-existent plane
Only a vision your minds-eye sees
The experience you need not explain.

Suzanne M. Kelly - 1966

Copyright © 1992-2023 Suzanne M Kelly