Easy For ME To Say

If where you're at
isn't where you should be
Don't give up hope
in time you'll see
That all roads lead somewhere
and eventually you will find
The place with your name
and piece of mind.

The key is persistence
and firm belief
that where you are
leads to relief
If people and places
are hard and cold
Your outlook will soften
and warm what unfolds.

For with each blow
that you life endures
a reward is waiting
that is especially yours
and the ones who love you
will always be there
disguised as friends
who share your despair.

But also as strongholds
of compassion and smiles
sharing the good times
we all compile
So when life's burdens
slam the door
and your foot is in the way
The pain's a reminder
it didn't shut tight
And you must be on your way.

Suzanne M. Kelly

Copyright © 1992-2023 Suzanne M Kelly