Everything is Everything

They said look around, keep your eyes in your head
feel through the sounds of things that are said
then squeeze through the muddle of day to day life
and eventually still smiling overcome the sight.
For this bus of adventure never leaves on time
first come first served, and there's always a line;
so take your position with your hopes in the air
sing your own song maybe someone will hear.
All aboard; where's your ticket? A ticket you say,
I thought this was free; what would I pay?
There were no signs referring to cost,
I believe I looked on both sides
wait just a minute, I think I'm lost
where's the way to the easier rides?
Why are they laughing, have I said something wrong
I'd go somewhere else but I've waited so long.
I have an idea, try this one on
if you can't see the reason, say why and I'm gone.
Go Now - Pay Later in some form or fashion,
I'll keep my eyes in my head
you could credit my fee in amounts of compassion
and test me by things that are said;
the only catch would be wrong or right-
the decision may come without warning,
my actions would lighten the outcoming fate
that my beliefs seem to be forming.
For adventure it is - no rules, no games
call it amusement with different names
or call it confliction, or even a bore
as one life in a mirror of a million more.
But, life itself is worth the call
we should ride together one and all
then chances of knowledge won't likely be passed,
and if ever questioned we'll know why they asked.
Well, there you have it, the end of my plea
that became somewhat of a speech,
my message may have wandered but I tried to keep
my meaning within my reach;
and please excuse this smiling expression
it's always there for bluffing
Cause I'm convinced that all of this
says everything is nothing.
Suzanne M. Kelly

Copyright © 1992-2023 Suzanne M Kelly