In these days of moral confusion, in these trying times
Most will find their hearts illusions inflicted by their minds
For what one sees in a moments reflection cannot compare with a glance
Of what we'd see through imagination if given half the chance.

For your mind will be the first to go
Then your money, then your clothes
Cause it never fails we're all in love with what we think we see
And in the end the only love was 'what I gave to me'

Then on and on we must carry as opposed to carrying on
And the loves we find are in our mind before they've come and gone
Subsequently what's in you heart is probably in your hand
And from then on out you've lost control, if that's what you had planned.

So here's to those who do oppose moralities confusion
But cannot seem to escape the wrath that comes with hearts illusions
Just try to remember the night before what the morning after knows
Right along with your mind, goes your money then your clothes.

Suzanne M. Kelly

Copyright © 1992-2024 Suzanne M Kelly