The climb to perfection is a perilous ascent
full of chugholes, pitfalls and cliffs
And though the scenery is varied and the way well marked
we're continually plagued by "what if's".

Those what if's are followed by should haves',
darn it's, oh no's and what's next
And, it wasn't on purpose, I refuse to believe it,
and of course the occasional possessed.

Cause there is always two guides, and it's hard to tell,
who knows the way and who is lost
And not until the next panoramic view
does mis-direction tell you the cost.

For Mis-direction is incredibly clever
and will convince you he knows the way
But halfway there his piper arrives,
him you always must pay.

Then sooner or later on the mountain climb of life
Mr. Experience you will find
He'll help you discover your faithful guide
and leave Mis-direction behind.

For Mr. Experience always waits,
you decide if he's bad or good
And if you chose the latter, through the other,
its countenance will find Brotherhood.

And Brotherhood can scale the highest of heights
it even carries me and you
To the panoramic abode of our Heavenly Guide
that exists just beyond our view.

Brotherhood can catch you when you stumble,
if you but hold out your hand
Its open arms are also guided
and will extend to every man.

So as you climb your mountain of life,
if you lose your foothold or you fall
Never fear for a faithful tether
is secured to the Guide of All.

He's always there, even if you don't believe,
but faith will heighten reward
For on the peak of this summit, all climbers of perfection,
find access to the house of the Lord.

Suzanne Marie Kelly

Copyright © 1992-2023 Suzanne M Kelly