Throughout our life there are often times
We feel without love and alone
The ones we'd cared for have left us behind
With reasons for leaving unknown.
When this happens it's so hard to see
We were meant for better things
For the Lord still loves us and our family and friends
No matter what the future may bring.
But thoughts such as these are easy to read
As easy as the pain they may cover
Still we must move onward through the hardships of life
And believe we were meant for another.
So if by chance the one who was lost
Finds a path to parallel our own
We might never find them if we wait behind
Fearful of what is unknown.
So calm your heart and dry your eyes
Sorrow is no ones companion
It's part of life's test that strengthens our soul
And leads us past abandon.

Suzanne M. Kelly

Copyright © 1992-2024 Suzanne M Kelly