As our life speeds onward and the scenarios change
And personality loses control of our age
Lets hope wisdom and humor have come for the ride
And pray we don't lose it on the down hill slide
Because laughter and wisdom form a pretty good ladder
That aids our ascent to the heart of the matter
Yet what matters most is not our means
But how we adjust to the changing scenes.
If in the middle you reflect the same
Or just off center in only half of a frame
If this is the case you can feel perplexed
But in any situation, never ask what's next
For this blatant inquiry more times than not
Is answered on impact and accompanies shock
Then incidents run rampant
But we'll outrun them with ease
As long as our focus is out of rampant's reach
And although they form life's backgrounds and settings
The way that we face controls the view we're getting
So always face forward as you read your life's book
And when the opportunity arises take a good look
What you will see without tunnel vision
Is that attitude is the roadblock or freeway of decision
So include a horizon with each turning page
And approach each chapter with a smile on your face
Look always for happiness as your story is told
And remember it's only your body that's old
And although it may put a cramp in your style
Just give it a rub... and go the next million miles.

Suzanne M. Kelly

Copyright © 1992-2023 Suzanne M Kelly