I have a point of contention
that refuses to take sides
For regardless of exemption
the boundaries coincide.

This well known contention master
is the ruthless and righteous self will
For his loyalties coalesce faster
Than mind's logical appeal.

With 'to do or not to do'
in all areas of gratification
It tends to sidestep the controlling view
to its definitive application.

As for wrong or right
it never gets in the way
Right is always the plight
its contingencies just sway.

And the piling of reasoning
from side to side
Appeases the balance
it eventually provides .

Thus Will triumphs in life's daily apprehensions
and balances all human nature
Jumping between point and bone of contention
in justification of character.

Suzanne Marie Kelly

Copyright © 1992-2023 Suzanne M Kelly