Connubial bliss is not made in heaven
It's a puzzle to be put together and given,
And it's quite a task for a man and wife
to mesh together their pictures of life.

For each day is a piece that they must use
a two-sided clue which they must choose,
But that is the easiest part of it
once chosen they must make it fit.

Although the colors have a similar hue
suddenly the background will come into view,
One sees a tree, the other sky
and they can't understand the reason why.

If they could change places they'd be surprised
Of what each one would see through the others eyes,
Not only a tree and a sky of blue
but flowers, children and a cat or two.

And the picture that held only one scene
is now a tapestry of many dreams,
Each one is exquisite in its form
and love is the clothing which all are adorned.

If in your hearts the colors are true
happiness will paint each day brand new,
The rain that falls will make the green grass grow
and into your work of art fulfillment will flow.

Then its priceless beauty will amass through the years
enriched by hard work, love and tears,
And the museum where it will hang on the wall
is the homes of your children and their children all.

There this masterpiece will endure forever
along with the love you created together.

Suzanne M. Kelly

Copyright © 1992-2023 Suzanne M Kelly